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  1. klb130

    07 YZ450 Lower pegs

  2. klb130

    07 YZ450 Lower pegs

    Thanks. I pretty much read the same thing and was hoping someone has done it. 5mm doesn't sound like much, but I'm hoping to be able to actually "feel" the difference. Pegs aren't cheap! (if it is 5mm lower)
  3. Any ideas who might make these? Would like lower pegs. Say's 08 has lower pegs?? Also any suggestions on reducing vibration felt in bars. Pro Tapers with stabilizer. Lower bar mounts with insulators??
  4. Went through multiple blue needle clip pos. changes, pilot change, then to red 5 and back to 48 pilot before I got my 07YZ450 satisfactory. Don't want to go through this on my friends WR450. I talked him into JD kit, AIS removal kit and exhaust. Plan on using JD kit-should I do red 5 and 48 pilot so I don't have this rich low sputter I've read other guys have had like myself? This bike does not look fun to go in and out of carb. I'll do all the other free mods as well. Appreciate any feedback.
  5. Why? Just bolt it on and friggin ride!!
  6. klb130

    Which flywheel for my 06?

    I put the 9 oz. on my 07 YZ450. Do mostly off-road....desert, GP racing and killer trail riding. This is probably the best bolt on item I've ever done since my Scotts stabilizer over 10 years ago! You'll be happy with the heavier one I think. No more stalling and good tractor power.
  7. klb130


    I waited almost 2 years before my ACL surgery. Allograft procedure(kadavar ligament) and waited 6 mos. before riding. It's doing fine now (2years since surgery). The key for me was the rehab after. My Doc told me bicycle, bicycle, bicycle!! I didn't take it seriously until almost a year after and started doing spin class at the gym. This works!!! I can now sqaut like a catcher and feel pretty confident with it. I can tell you this...it is and will never be as good as your God given factory o.e.m. ACL!
  8. klb130

    How do the bigger tires work for MX

    Bigger tires? I like the way the Bridgeston M401A works. It's a 90/100-21 and was designed for 450 four strokes supposedly. Helps counter that typical YZ frt. end push. Wears pretty decent too. The Dunlop 756 works real good at first but loses it's effectiveness after little wear. Never tried Maxxis.
  9. klb130

    Look what finally showed up today!

    Got it today!! 12v....I'll put it to good use!
  10. klb130

    07 yz450 to short

    You must have a 6 inch torso and 5' 2" of legs!! How can you be cramped on this bike at that height? I think you've been reading too many shootouts!!
  11. klb130

    Look what finally showed up today!

    Is that a 12v or 18v or??? This will work great on the scissor jacks on the toy hauler. I've been waiting for mine for 2 months!
  12. klb130

    06 YZ450 Cycra Probends

    I had a mounting problem with these on my 07 YZ450. Cycra sent me the bar mounts and it's a done deal. Use the bar mounts. They work fine.
  13. What's the best way to go? GYTR? Steahly? Been used to my WR for so long. I must have stalled my YZ 15 times in the tight stuff/rocks desert racing.
  14. Installed kit as intructed. Blue needle 4th position, 48 pilot,170 main. Ride low and high desert and all tracks in so cal. Runs rich below half throttle range. Worse in high dez. Runs really good other than that. Raise clip one position? Red needle on 5th position? Back to stock pilot? Or? I'm hoping to make the only nec. change to get this crispy. I've had good luck with JD kits on other bikes, but this one and my 04 WR450 had the same prob after installing kit.
  15. 01 wr426....grey wire cut, power now valve, FMFQ, stock head pipe, cut throttle stop and air box baffles removed. Ride SO CAL deserts mostly....any proven experience for optimum jetting?? What about a headpipe? I also cut my throttle stop a little too much and the slide moves up too high....is this a problem when WFO?? I have recently noticed on a 2-3 occasions that engine will smoke on cold start up....it is oil....The only different thing I did was change oil to synthetic...Yamalube only...but this really should'nt make a difference....Prior to this happening recently....I have never had a problem with this....valve seals???.....It starts easily and does'nt smoke under power......and the bike flat rips.... Appreciate any real life experience/advice from someone out there Thanks RB