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  1. Thanks Zenith. That race was awsome. I've also enjoyed other races you posted. Thanks for your time and effort.
  2. johnnyutah

    picture of the perfect roost

    Not perfect ,but fun and out of control.http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v499/bodizafa/7e2cd954.jpg
  3. johnnyutah

    My KTM.........

    Nice custom look. Shows you take pride in your ride. As long as you don't baby it on the trail. Scratches and dings are a part of life. That's why they make replacement plastics.
  4. johnnyutah

    Cali emission package

    Cali models just get jetted a little leaner. All the other stuff ( snorkel,exhaust,ect.) is the same as any other state. Thank god they don't ptu on a smog pump like they do on street legal dual sports. Ryan
  5. johnnyutah

    New rider needs tire advice.

    Pirelli MT16 Front and back. Excellent wear and excellent versitility.
  6. johnnyutah

    WR to XR

    I've been reading all these posts about H.P. and Torque, which are things I used to be concerned with but after putting the 280 kit in my XR ,and having ridden a KTM300, I think what is most important is how the power is delivered by the bike to the trail. This is what can make you a more confident rider. If you are fighting the power of the bike or are working to get the right kind of power then your not going to be a confident rider. Sure, it's nice to have awsome power at the turn of the throttle, but you need experience and skill to make it work. My suggestion is to ride an XR250 or 400 or any other bike for that matter and decide which one makes you the most confident. Just my 2 cents. Ryan
  7. johnnyutah

    Edlebrock on XR250 ?

    I bought mine from Barnums Pro Products. I love it.Ryan
  8. johnnyutah

    Suspension services, where to send

    My vote goes to Barnums Pro.
  9. I was once confused about suspension, especially the valves. The valves are very critical to getting the desired performance. The valves in your forks and shock control the flow of fork oil. The stock XR valves are OK for the lazy trail rider but when you start to get more aggressive the valve is not as diverse as say a Gold Valve. The Gold Valve allows a suspension tuner to change how oil will flow through the valve at varying speeds. The stock valve does not allow as much tuning if any at all. I recently had my suspension revalved (Gold Valves) front and back and also had heavier springs in the front. This mod alone will allow you to become a better rider because it gives you confidence in how the bike responds. I am a firm believer now in how important suspension tuning is.
  10. johnnyutah

    xr250 carburetor options

    I installed the Edelbrock Performer Series on my 03'XR250 and I love it. I also recently installed a 280 kit in it and I think this is the way the XR250 should have been made to begin. I still wish sometimes I had more power but, the power I have now is completely useable. An XR400 would be nice for those times when your wide open but ,the 250 wins in the flickibility department. I also suggest the HRC exhaust tip from Baja Designs. It really helps the motor breathe.My advice is to develop your riding skills on the 250 and then graduate to a 450. Thats my plan. Good Luck.
  11. johnnyutah

    New rider with tire question

    Pirelli MT16 Front and Rear. Great tire for varying conditions. Wears good too.
  12. What would happen if you install it with the arrow facing the intake? I put my 280 together about a month ago and I put the wiseco piston in with the arrow facing the intake. I could have sworn I read on this site thats how it went in. Anyway, I have'nt had any problems. Should I take it apart and change it? Man, I'm kind of freaked out!
  13. johnnyutah

    front wheel not centred on forks

    I had the same thing happen after my wheel was relaced. It drove me crazy trying to figure out what was wrong. Took it to the shop that laced my wheel and they fessed up to lacing the wheel wrong.Good shop.Ryan
  14. johnnyutah

    Pics of my 280

    They side panels are ACERBIS.The headlight shell is Baja Designs.
  15. johnnyutah

    Pics of my 280

    Plastics and graphics ran me about $225. And yes, the graphics are One Industries. I opted not to install the front fender graphic. Ryan