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  1. I have SCOURED the whole net looking for the diameter of the carb on my 2004 grizzly 125 to no avail. Would some of you wonderful buds help me out with this info please? I have had enough of the stock carb and don't have calipers(and don't want to take the !@#% thing apart AGAIN) to measure the intake. I just want to find a similar sized carb that is simple and reliable and shoot the stocker with a shotgun(after it is dried out of course!
  2. Brian_Foster

    03 + 04 yz250f what did they change

    Yes it will work
  3. Brian_Foster

    Toning down the yz250f

    I too feel that the throttle is more like a switch than a variable.The problem is the ignition mapping.If you live in the east(heavily wooded),you should go with the vortex ignition.You will love me forever if you do!!!!!!!!!
  4. Brian_Foster

    Need more LS compression...............Help !!!!!

    "pivot" is properly referred to as crossover shim.It seperates low speed from high speed or mid speed, if so equipped.
  5. Brian_Foster

    Please Help-- 02 250F is FUBARED **pics**

    Dude not that it matters that much,but according to the pic you lost an INTAKE vale, not an exhaust. But I am truly very sorry to here about your lose.It seems that titanium is'nt all that great for the extreme g-loads of a four stroke valve.I wonder if and when mine might go as well.
  6. Brian_Foster

    Smoother Power

    Which way do you adjust the tps for smoother deliv :thinking:ery?
  7. Brian_Foster

    Switch Hitter !!

    It might be possible to just switch the 2 cables and make the throttle work backwards.Never tried it ,but 4 strokes have an open and close cable.Front brake may be alittle tougher.You could take the whole brake system off and submerge the master cylinder(the lever cylinder)in brake fluid to insure no air bubbles get in the line while working upside down.Be sure to were good rubber glove as brake fluid is some pretty gnarly stuff.
  8. Brian_Foster

    HP of a new YZ250F?

    Hp is meaningless anyway.I had a 92 cr 125 that was extremely tweaked and put out @34 0r 35 hp.However it only produced it for a 500 rpm band.When I got my 03 250f I put a very competent riding buddy on it and raced him with my new thumper in a drag.The 250f effortlessly overwhelmed the peaky torqued 125 ,(which had been known to run with 250 2-strokes on a slight downhill slope).The delivery of power of these 250f's simply makes the most of traction with their flat torque curves.Not to mention on a motocross track the 250f will easily clear jumps that i had to struggle with on the 2-stroke.
  9. Brian_Foster

    gyt-r pipe

    :cheers:Did a search but didnt find much on the subject.Anyway,just ordered a gyt-r pipe.Anyone here have any experience with them?
  10. Brian_Foster

    What was your first bike

    1982 yamaha mx 80 1986 yz80 wow what an upgrade 1986 cr250 1993 cr250 1992 cr125 2003 yz250f Luvin' every minute of it!!!!! 22 years of dirt biking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Brian_Foster

    01 YZ250F Rear Axle Problem

    Try some heat ,propane torch or the like. The next step is a press.
  12. Brian_Foster

    modifying stock pipe?

    Vet plus your wallet must be open because your mind is closed.I have done engine swaps in 3 different cars and reengineered many of my bikes for cheap or free.I know I wont get the performace of a yosh but I will Tweak or mod the stocker if I can get some specs discerning the differences between the stock pipes and aftermarkets.Trust me being real good buddies with a machinist will get you a long way.Also skidjs, we should go riding and talk shop sometime!!
  13. Brian_Foster

    modifying stock pipe?

    Anybody tried to modify thier stock pipe for more hp?I am lucky to make the payments,so I wonder if the pipe or stinger could be modified.I usually tweak everthing the po boy way!!LOL
  14. Brian_Foster

    03 wr 250f help

    Make sure that the shock hasnt blown a seal and leaked oil out.Also make sure the bottoming rubber is in good shape. The rear SHOULD be more resistant to bottoming than the front.
  15. Brian_Foster

    2002 yz 250 f

    Did you buy an endcap for the stock pipe?If so ,where ?I have never heard of one but it sounds VERY interesting as I dont want to spend the$ on a new pipe.