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  1. AuggieRomero

    Countershaft Sprocket

    A lot of gents run aftermarket counter sprockets, myself included. There is a seal that is on the counter sprocket shaft that is definitely needed that goes with a metal collar/ring. (36, 3) http://partstreamstg.arinet.com/Image?arik=KQyYzJ1dWkt6xhjglvpi&arib=HOM&arim=ps3UbBcz_0_YBvxzAi3ciw2&aria=7IW9NMamGjv1v0twnud8dw2&ariz=3&ariv=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.servicehonda.com%2Fparts%2Flookup
  2. AuggieRomero

    2009 CRF450X front brake upgrades

    Have you heard of putting the crf450r front master cylinder off of a 2010 or newer? It should be a different part number than the one you have and currently and is said to be stronger.
  3. A two stroke 85 with a beginner rider not pushing it won't need a top end for a while. Just keep the mixture at 32:1
  4. AuggieRomero

    Paint Clutch Cover Honda Logo

    I also wondered what they used, in some videos it seems to be a pen of some kind.
  5. AuggieRomero

    what's the widest tire anyone has fit on a 450X?

  6. AuggieRomero


    Looks like 2013 forks off of a crf450r
  7. AuggieRomero

    Thanks to AS Racing

    Yamaha's always look so fun to start
  8. AuggieRomero


    Damn looks nice
  9. I've had my bike since it was new, today I went riding and every time the front left the front for any amount of time long enough to fully extend It'd clunk. Never did it before, I even had other people ride my bike to make sure I wasn't just imagining things. Any idea how to fix this?
  10. AuggieRomero


    Does anyone else feel like it's going to be the same bike or not even sold in 2013
  11. AuggieRomero

    09 CRF450X Backfiring or Popping?

    I just bought a JD Jetting kit it's more then buying the jets but the instructions are clear and easy to follow.
  12. AuggieRomero

    Piston wear limit

    95.87 mm for OD is the lowest.
  13. AuggieRomero

    Front Suspension Travel - do I have a problem?

    Anyone post up the valving they're running?
  14. AuggieRomero

    Leaking counter shaft seal over and over?

    What order are you installing everything
  15. AuggieRomero

    Revisiting the 'tools needed' list

    Do you wear these tools or are they on the bike?