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  1. Thanks for your reassurance that I will love it when I get on the CRF250!!! I am not getting mine till the 28th December, so if anyone out there has any hints/tips on the bike, feel free to get back to me...... I just want to start riding it to get used to it! Anyone interested in a YZ125???? Nah ....... didn't think so!!!
  2. New member to this but have been reading postings for the last week or so regarding the CRF250. You guys on here certainly sound like you know your stuff, so I am putting this post on for a bit of advice. I'm from UK so CRF250 is not out yet, I have one ordered and pick it up on the 28th December! I am a semi-professional rider in the UK and also ride in selected international events. My problem is that at the moment I have a full Rinaldi spec tuned YZ125, which is extremely quick (produces over 40 bhp) - at the rear wheel. I love riding it, but I have to keep the thing screaming. I'm worried that when I get the CRF250 I will not be able to adapt to the torqueness of it. I have ridden a YZ250F and didn't like it - it was always pushing on the front end and seemed to bog quite a bit on heavy landings. The CRF250 looks fantastic and have read about all you guys raving about it......... I need a bit of reassurance that I will be able to ride it as quick as my YZ. I have seen that some of you are mentioning shootouts that have been done by magazines.... I will not be able to get these in the UK for the next month or so, so I am wondering if anyone can send me a copy of the reports/dyno figures, just to put my mind at ease. Keep up the good work on this site!!!! It is the only place I can get any real good information from!!!!