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  1. Cam Thanks for replying.Sounds like mine is doing the same thing.Was it the slave cylinder or the o-rings on the piston? Endomatic
  2. cam I have a 2002 400e and love it also.But i am having clutch problems also. As i ride i loose mine as in it wont stop its self . what did yours do? Any suggestions? Thanks Endomatic
  3. dumper_uk Thanks for the info i will check those things out. I'm in the usa. Man i love this bike. I have not rode anything better.Just trying to find all the info i can. Thanks again.
  4. Cam i was hoping to here from you i knew you would have some good info.I was looking for parts and wondering what parts were interchangeable also . Thanks tmpark
  5. My friend sells tms. He hasn't said anything about new ownership,but he said he thought they were going to be better at getting parts and bikes now that the move was over. tmpark
  6. I have lost the tm chat site web address. Can someone help me out? Thanks in advance. tmpark
  7. Hi. I am new to this site and have a tm400e. I'm looking for parts that match my bike, like plastic, brake pads, sprockets,seat covers, high seat foam or anything else. Thanks, tmpark