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  1. Camber18

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    That depends... you're not a lawyer for Chevy are you? lol
  2. Camber18

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Graphics update...
  3. Camber18

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Yes, burnt bronze Cerakote. Thank you Thank you
  4. Camber18

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    I used the ‘99 stem and also welded a new steering stop on the frame. The ‘07 450 clamp was chosen to match up with the lug offset on the KYB fork. I have a set of 47mm Showas that I was going to use and with those I have an ‘09 250f clamp to get the correct total offset. The bearings are all the same so the ‘99 stem will work in all the kxf clamps.
  5. Camber18

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Thank you. New take-off KYB forks from a 2017 YZ250F. 2007 KX450F clamps. New take-off shock from a KX250F. Shock has a shortened body, clevis, and rebound rod. Subframe and shock body modified for clearance. 2018 Wheel set. Front hub machined for YZF axle/bearings. 2018 brakes w/270 front rotor. Core Moto brake lines. Swingarm modified for rear brake and caliper bracket re-machined to provide caliper/swingarm clearance. ProTaper Carmichael bend. ODI lock-on grips. WC clutch perch- green Rear brake lever has a pressed-in bronze bushing and a 2018 pivot bolt (larger thread). Hammerhead tip and clevis. Compression style return spring on master. PC Works pipe and R304 Shorty. Vapor blasted cases, cylinder, head, PV covers, WP, etc. Rebuilt with oem crank, ProX and oem internals. New clutch- complete assembly. All bearing and seals. Porting w/epoxy in transfers, head mod. Rebuilt carb w/ProCircuit jetting. Boyesen Carbon Pro reeds and new carb manifold New seat w/Enjoy cover. UFO plastics w/2007 front fender and plate. Lightspeed fork guards and rear caliper guard. Next footpegs for a 2014 KTM 450sx. Titanium pins. Boyesen clutch and ignition covers w/logos removed. Cerakoted calipers, masters, and engine covers. Owner fabricated skid plate and welded mounting brackets. Prizmatic Powders Kiwi Green powder coating. Every nut, bolt, and washer new oem from Babbitt's. and probably some stuff I'm forgetting...
  6. Camber18

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    '99 KX 250... with a few updates. Contemplating graphics...
  7. Camber18

    Weisco crank slips into new bearing

    On the subject of slip-fit cranks, they work fine if the clearance is correct. Roller bearings are not designed to withstand side loading. When the engine heats up the different materials expand at different rates, causing side-loading on the main bearings. For a motocross application this doesn't cause a problem. But, for a Moto engine used in a shifter kart application, where rpm and loads are much higher, bearing life is reduced. When used in shifter karts cranks are intentionally modified for slip-fit. The other engine bearing that doesn't live long in a shifter is the conrod bearing. Wiseco and Hotrods conrods/bearings have about 1/2 the life of OEM and ProX parts.
  8. Camber18

    155 lbs riders on 2017 350 SXF

    I'm also 155 lbs NBW. I ran the stock spring @ 105 sag and 153 psi.
  9. Camber18

    Static Sag for Pros?

    I know a few pros and they run springs for their weight and valving for their speed. Also, different valving for SX vs nationals.
  10. Are you referring to the muffler? Yes, it fits. KTM actually put the 250 muffler on the 450 in '14.
  11. Camber18

    KTM 350 SX-F (2016)


  12. Camber18

    2016 SXF 350 wheels

    '15, '16, & '17 have smaller front axles than the '13 & '14 (22 mm vs 26 mm), but the wheels are the same. The spacers are specific to the axles.
  13. Camber18

    2016 SXF 350 wheels

    I'm using '13 wheels as spares for my '16. I just have to use the '16 spacers.
  14. I have both and I ride the 350 sxf about 10 hrs to every 1 hr I ride the 450. I wouldn't own a 350 unless it was a 16 or 17 though as the motor is a lot better than the previous models. My experience is that the 350 carries more speed into corners than the 450. Corners are easier too on the 350, especially rutted corners. It changes direction more easily and because of the softer power delivery it doesn't want to stand up or climb out of a rut like a 450 does for me. I can ride it a lot harder than a 450 and correct it when it get out of shape much more easily. Yes, power is quite a bit softer on the bottom, but I don't think it gives up anything in the meat of the power curve. Because I can ride harder I found I needed better fitness. So, I got a Concept 2 rower and a power rack and got myself into the best shape I've ever been in. For me, having a bike that I can ride hard and use the power is a lot more fun than a bike with too much power that allows me to ride lazily. No regrets...
  15. Camber18

    Decked Cylinders

    No problems whatsoever... as I said, I only took .008" off the base and it will still run 93 pump gas. Cam timing changes due to the timing chain effectively being longer were negligible. I did press the cam gears off and degree the cams, which I was doing anyway.