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  1. PutteLiten

    How heavy is a 2001 xr 650

    It's pretty uninteresting to know what Honda say the bike weights as pretty much everyone knows they forgot to calibrate their scale when weighing the XR... Whats wanted is a weighted "as stock as possible" bike, with full tank. From the answers it seems to be around 308 ~ 311 lbs (140 ~ 141 kg).
  2. PutteLiten

    How heavy is a 2001 xr 650

    For us Non-US stationed. Is 3.2 gal the stock tank?? Or, if not, whats the size of the tank (in gallon)?
  3. PutteLiten

    Quiet XR650R exhaust?

    Welcome, Im happy I can provide usefull info. I wasnt aware that there was a difference between the Euro and the US versions. But it's loud as hell with the unrestricted HRC tip.
  4. PutteLiten

    Quiet XR650R exhaust?

    It depends on how you measure. But, I wouldnt put to much money on the HRC beeing below 103dBA. My TLR (1000cc twin sportsbike) with M4 full system was measured to 102.5 dBA by the vechicle inspection 3 years ago when the M4 was brand new. And my XR has always been louder than the TLR... At the track they measure us a bit down on the long straight at full speed. If we execde 95dBA (which is about the same as 103 dBA measuer at stand still at "certain rpm" at vechicle inspection here in Sweden) we get black flagged. Previous years we have not had noice restrictions at my home track, but 2007 we got the standard 95dBA limit as well. And the track official told me straight of I need to do "something" about the noice lvl on my XR to be allowed to ride 2007. They havent measured, but it's (was) by far the most nociest bike on the track...
  5. PutteLiten

    Quiet XR650R exhaust?

    Ive heard numbers on 93 dbA for the stock can, but I havent measured. It's not very loud. The HRC is loud and has a nasty and not very pleasent noice. Runs great though I gave up trying to get a quiet and bought an Arrow Titan for the XR. The sound is slightly lower than the HRC, but not a great deal. But the sound is more pleaseant for the ear. It runs as good or might even be better than the HRC. Havent run it in bench, either way it runs good. It weights about half of the stock/HRC as well. Sorry for the low quality. it's a phone camera (it suffers from the low light in the garage) About 200 Euro deliverd at my door. (Thats cheap here...)
  6. PutteLiten

    XR650R footpeg issue

    Im 176 lb geared up and only ride my XR650R as Motard (ie sitting down 99% of the time). Do I need to be worried about this?? Mine came loose as well, I tightened it up again and never thought about it again untill I saw this thread?
  7. PutteLiten

    Quiet XR650R exhaust?

    Thanks for the info It's a shame they don't reply to mail, because I would have bought if they had. But they didn't and I got an offer on a cheap Arrow can in Ti... Although not as quiet, it was a no-brainer. A Ti system för the XR650R, all I need is to weld a db-killer and Im a happy bunny. They need to come into the 21st century. I buy most of my sportbike parts trough mail only. Not answering mail is loosing customers. It's OK to call if you are in the states I guess, but Im in Europe, at CET time (GMT +1), calling is neither cheap nor convenient with regards to the time differences.
  8. PutteLiten

    Quiet XR650R exhaust?

    Is there an ETA on that FMF Q4?? It does look a bit more developed than the Q2.
  9. PutteLiten

    What! no 07 xr650r.

    I hope US, or anyother place will keep the XR 650R and have Honda continue to support it. It was removed form the Swedish retailer 05. No BRP 06.
  10. PutteLiten

    Quiet XR650R exhaust?

    Thanks all for your answers Appreciate them all! I see that there is hope, and the Jardine full system looks like a winner! If not, then FMF is a serious muffler brand and makes A+ things for other bikes. Would be suppriced if they would make an inferior (quality vise) for a Honda. Im very much with abby, look is irrelevant. I mean, how good does the stock look And Im not personally bothered by the noice, I have to use earplugs or go deaf by the annoying wind noice in the MX helmet. Though my neibours hate my bike... The officials at the track hate my bike and motards in general due to the fact that most go way up the db scale. And whenever Mr Blue Uniform sees me they give me the long eyes (should we try, or should we continue eating doughnuts...). heh, one day they will try, and I rather take a ticket that risk my life... Sanjoh, is the multiple choises of Jardine, or is the only one to chose? Don't wana spend 300 and get the wrong/noicy one.
  11. PutteLiten

    Quiet XR650R exhaust?

    Hello Im in need of a 95ish db slip-on (or full system) for my 04 XR650R. My local track has lowered the db restriction this year to 95db and will measure. (I know they will measure me as they keep whining about how loud it is as is...) I run stock pipe with the HRC exhaust tip, and it runs very good. Iv tried the stock quitet tip, but that sucked hard. I tried a search for it on the forum, but didnt find an answer. Someone had drilled out the stock, but no pictures. It could be an option, if it retained some of the HRC power, and got to a decent sound level. An option could be to take a quitet slip-on from a nother brand and modify the pipe part to have it suit the XR. But, it would be preferably not to have to do that...
  12. PutteLiten

    650R Top Speed?? puzzled.

    Change the gearing. I run 15/42 with 17" motard rims (uncorked) HRC exhaust tip Jeted carb, done by a pro (MX riders mechanic helped me, made a HUGE diffrence! dont remember the settings though... sorry) Elevation is more or less sea level, +30-40 meters up. I weight 172 lb. (geared up) Ive been clocked at 105mph , but sure takes some time to get there. If I could get the engine go to the rev limiter...