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    Slipper clutch revisited

    i have tried a slipper clutch and liked it .I think it just makes it easier entering a corner because it's just one less thing you have to think about.I know when i get tierd i don't modulate the clutch the same as when i'm fresh which makes my lap times go up,and with this it works the same every lap.I think it's just another tool to make life easier on the track.
  2. hart56

    Front end chatter on crf ?

    i'm getting a 16.5 to try in about three weeks. i was also thinking about a softer spring rate to try to get more weight upfront .if this does not work i think i'll give provalve a call thanks for the help
  3. hart56

    Front end chatter on crf ?

    I'm getting alot of front end chatter in mid corner under accelaration and was wondering if anyone knows how to get rid of it?