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  1. Bob458

    Got my '08 KX450F

    Hey guys, I just picked up my new KX450F last week and was wondering if anything needed to be done to the bike before riding. I did have a '06 KX450F so some of the stuff I am familiar with. How's the suspension? 190lb. VET B rider racing motocross. Not afraid to get agressive if need be(big jumps, whoops, etc...). Do they have the problems with the oil screen, and being a little under greased? Just itchin to throw a leg over it, but gonna wait for a little bit nicer weather, or a road trip south. Thanks all!
  2. Bob458

    Rausch creek

    Check out Miles Mt. It's not far from Mansfield. It's in Elkland. Awesome track. They run practice days on Saturdays throughout the year. They also have a SX track as well.
  3. Bob458

    Rausch creek

    I like the watering system. Drove by there the other day, and I think 1 guy was there, and it was a dust storm just from him. Sorry to say I only live 20 minutes from there, but won't be doing any riding there this year, unless they get new ownership and track personel. i drove 2 1/2 hrs this past weekend to ride/race at miles mt. and paid $20 to ride saturday. It's a shame they don't know how to maintain a track, and run a business. $30 a rider and the place would prolly be full every weekend, if they learned to prep a track.
  4. Bob458

    Irish Valley Tomorrow(Sat.)

    will the mx tracks be open to the public, or will they be closed for the HS. I hate to spend the $65+ at RC if I don't have to, other wise it may be off to Rocket on Sunday.
  5. Bob458

    How many??

    Had mine since the middle of January. No motor problems at all(no valve adjustments either). A few egged rims, broken rear fender, and a slightly tweaked sub-frame is the only damage to date. Soon going in for a rebuild.
  6. Bob458

    Rocket on Sunday 9/10/2006?

    Back issues...??? Come on, where is your sense of adventure. You didn't ride the mud at the Hollow, and know no practice. I thought I taught you better than that. Just suck it up and ride. I was gonna come back when my leg was still broken, but didn't think the docs and my disability co. would have appreciated that. I'm headed to Broome this weekend, then prolly just practice the next few weekends. Hunting season is starting soon, and our winter trap league starts 9/24 and we shoot Sunday mornings. I'll let ya know whats happening in the future. Good luck if you race anywhere, and tell Dawson I said "hey"...Bob
  7. Bob458

    rebuild suggestions

    Ok guys, it's getting time to put the bike in the shop soon for a complete rebuild. Any suggestions as to what parts to use(piston,valves, etc...). Been reading some different posts on here, and most have positive and negative feedback. Looking to see what people used, how it performed, and most important, how it held up? Right now, it's a stock motor and componants, except for a yosh pipe, but I don't plan on any motor mods(porting). I guess I was lucky and had one that managed to stay together all race season, with plenty of practice hours on it also. One thing I will be getting is an hour meter, to help track time a little better. Thanks for your input....Bob
  8. Bob458

    Miles Mountain?

    I think I may be heading up for the Labor Day weekend. Not much happening down here, so it will be a good time of riding and racing, if we ain't to tired from riding for 2 days.
  9. Bob458

    Jermeny Cook was at rausch creek today

    You guys need to fix the track up a little more for him. He got a flat and was kind of pissed about it. Add more dirt, till and disc the place up more. Jeremy is fast anywhere he goes. I hang out with him at the races, and his dad is cool also. Lets hope he makes it for the big show at Broome, and Steel City.
  10. Bob458

    Tomahawk MX 8/6/06

    Just hope it's groomed better than it was for the practice day, and MDRA race. All that they did was drag the teeth of the loader bucket over it, and put mulch on top of that. Once you got through the mulch, it was slick and hard packed. And they also watered the crap out of it right before the start of the 2nd set of motos. Even the A riders were crashing it was so slick. Good luck. It's a fun track, but they need to prep it better.
  11. Bob458

    woops at rausch on back track are gone

    What do you guys do on Mondays? The place is closed, and I'm usually up on every other Tuesday. You guys are working on the tracks, when It could be done on Monday. I ain't bitchin, but there is definitly work to be done on the main track. More dirt, and it needs to be disced and tilled in, and watered afterwards. I know what it takes to work on a track. I used to help out at the old Hideaway track(now doublin gap) years ago. I don't have a problem with it, just have to use common sense on hard packed slippery tracks. Are there quads on the main track also? Today it seemed like there were quads on it at one time, just buy the way some of the corners were, and buy the tire tracks, and it ain't you guys working riding around on the utility quads. Its fun to ride at, since I'm only 20 minutes away. I'll prolly be up on Sunday, so get the main track set up.
  12. Bob458

    Friday or Saturday

    Hurricane Hills is having a practice day on Saturday. I'm thinking of heading up there, since quads are at Rocket on Saturdays, and maybe RC on Sunday. Supposed to cool down a little for the weekend.
  13. Bob458

    Are these 450's legit

    I have a friend that had Kawi's up until the Budd's national. He went back to the Honda's. He had a pair of 250f's and 450's, and he blew them all up but his race 450, which was making some funny noises. He loved to run them on the rev limiters. He is a pro rider, and hard on equipment. He had some Honda's blow up, but never had a crank let go like on his Kawi's. Kawi stood behind them for so long, then is was up to him. I'm hopin my Kawi stays together. Sometimes wish I still had my Honda 450. Just more comfortable and confident on the Honda.
  14. Bob458


    Is RC open tomorrow or the 4th?
  15. Bob458


    Just a little track rash, and a broken rear fender. I kept riding after it happened.