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    DRZ seat height

    I just took the seat cover off and cut the foam. I didn't cut that much but i can feel the difference. it is more comfortable and also it looks cool too. It takes about 20 minutes to do that and its worth trying before you buy a new foam or tank
  2. I want to take my air box completely off on my DRZ400E because I mostly ride on the road. I just want to put a K&N filter without the air box. Do you think that would improve the performance and save wieght. And if i did that would i have to CHANGE THE JETTING? right now i hve EMM needle, on the 4th clip, a 38 pilot jet, a 70 pilot air jet, and 160 main jet with modified exhaust.
  3. before i insure my drz400e i want to make sure it will pass the inspection. Where and how can i find out. Should i take it to my local dealer?
  4. wojtek86

    $700 to spend on parts!! need advice

    so far I have: hand guards handlebars modified exhaust modified airbox 38 pilot jet, a 70 pilot air jet,160 main jet. k&n air filter n-style graphics black fender and side panels
  5. wojtek86

    $700 to spend on parts!! need advice

    what kind of street tires can i fit on the stock rims? I don't like the small motard rims. I also want to make the bike have a lot of power but i only have 800$
  6. wojtek86

    $700 to spend on parts!! need advice

    Is there a way i can get street tires like the motard ones without changing the rims? I dont think $800 is enough for new rims and tires, is it? And also if i got new wheels i don't like the size of the motard wheels. I would still like the big 21' front.
  7. wojtek86

    $700 to spend on parts!! need advice

    Well as soon as i get my licanse im going to ride it on the street. I want to be fast but also to look nice.
  8. I'm pretty new to TT but i read it very often. The more i read it the more i learn about my bike. I already did a lot of things to it including rejjeting, pipe and air box mod and a lot of other work. I'm 17 and TT is a good learniong source for me. I just got $700 to spend on a 2001 drz400. I don't know what the best way to spend it would be. I'm going to ride it more on the street so i want it to look nive. Give me some advice on what parts are worth buying. Together i can spend $800.
  9. wojtek86

    drz400 custom brake rator

    what do you guys think about making the stovk drz400 brake rator into a wave tator? All I would have to do is trace the design on the rator and cut it out. I might be able to use a cnc mashine. I think it would work. Respond and tell me what you think