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  1. I have a 99' 250 and every kick is just flat painful. I have heard other levers will fit, but will they offer me a bit more clearance at the end of the stroke?
  2. I could not engineer it worse if I had NASA on it. My foot blasts the peg every kick. I am pretty versed in the kickstart yoga moves, I started kicking these things in 1980. I could get by with a shorter one, bent one....but I am gonna build a hot shoe if I keep on with this one.
  3. Greg Y

    Good Old Make over

    I did a total resto on a 1999. I only took it on because I had an injury and needed a time passer. I have since sold my new bikes and LOVE my old bike. It's kinda fun to hand it to your buds then refer to your bike as "vintage".....lol. for a enduro bike, the steel frame works great for me.
  4. Greg Y

    Funky Shifting Problem - Has anyone else seen this?

    I had some trouble with shifting on my last trip. I was searching for similar trouble on my way home. I found that what happened to you has happened to a good few others. I lucked out and my shifter bolt backed out.
  5. I can identity. I had an accident at work which led to shoulder surgery after trying 4 months of therapy. Post op I was told I could ride in about two months. Seven months later I still could not put my wallet in my pocket or...wipe. at 9 months it hurt so bad I asked the Dr to take it off. Finally after another surgery I have started my bike and rode it twice. I am most sad that I let the pain get me down and gave up a ton of strength while gaining weight.....but its all turning around and coming together. I figure without bad days, I would not be able to appreciate the good ones. Keep your chin up, hit the gym and you will be half way there.
  6. Thrust clearance is much more forgiving than rod end play. You need to have the piston on the rod and the jug on the case. Set an indicator on the dome at tdc and roll it back and forth at tdc. This will show you the dwell. If you are getting excessive dwell, its bearing slop and fix it time.
  7. Greg Y

    epic fail last night--- bottom end rebuild

    Everyone has a bum product. Look at Polaris, they warranted so many cranks on the 8&900 that they killed the design. I trued my wiseco to as close as my 10ths indicator would let me. It's smooth as glass. It started a couple thou out, but not bad.
  8. Greg Y

    Selling my YZ250. Allow Test Rides?

    I had a buyer roll my jeep in the driveway. No cash in my hand....no ride.
  9. Greg Y

    Always blowing my bike up...

    If you are burning them down before they grenade a piston....you have tuning issues. Post up some pics of your burndowns.
  10. Devcon 10110 or jb will do it, but be aware that jb will drip into the case if there is an open hole. I would watch ebay for a new case because that stuff drives me nuts.
  11. Greg Y

    No top end power...

    A good rule of thumb to follow is not to mess with a known good setup. Jetting does not magicly go bad. The answer will lie within your work 99% of the time. Always work backwards and check all the simple things you messed with....it typically will show up.
  12. Greg Y

    Graphics. Alternatives? White plastic?

    What part of wa are you in? I have a tank to dye the tanks in that you could use. I am in otis orchards, wa.
  13. Greg Y

    03 yz250 2t - can somebody please help me!

    How old is the fuel?
  14. Greg Y

    Graphics. Alternatives? White plastic?

    I did get some dye in the fuel, but I run 110 which is dyed at the pump and my oil is dark....so i can't say how much. I have not seen any black on my pants.
  15. I would not lose sleep if the torque was not dead nuts.....but i would 100% spend the 15 minutes to bend the tab. Lay the bike on its side....it won't take long.
  16. Greg Y

    Graphics. Alternatives? White plastic?

    I did all white plastic on mine. I did the late number plate and fender and i now really like my old steed.
  17. Don't sweat it. Dump what you can, add some fuel, bump it again and carry on. I add lots of oil when I install a crank. I have used grease in the past with no ill effects too, its gonna get sucked out in a few minutes of riding anyway. You may like a plug early on refire......but once you wring it out a few times, that oil is gone forever.
  18. Greg Y

    No top end power...

    Go back and check your work. If it ran fine, then you "fixed" it and it no longer runs fine......the odds are good that the problem lies in your fix. Bad pv install, missed electrical connection, bad ground......something simple I bet. I would dump the bowl on the carb to be positive it is clean and start working backwards.
  19. Greg Y

    02+ motor yz250 clutchless upshifting

    Just ease off the throttle at the shift.....its gonna go up in wheel spin if you don't anyways. The clutch is your friend.....know how to make it save you time.......and remember, you can't win if your bike is broke waiting on parts.
  20. Greg Y

    would you re-plate? pics

    I was not impressed with us chromes weld work. Millennium is invisible.....usc looked like crap.
  21. Greg Y

    would you re-plate? pics

    Ring spring and higher level of heat and carbon around the ex port.
  22. Greg Y

    yz 250 erzberg preparation

    I have nothing useful to add, but I want to say good luck.
  23. Greg Y

    2002 bottom end loud noise!

    There is a shim that goes under one of the gears spun by the clutch. If its not there.....it sounds all kinds of bad.
  24. Greg Y

    would you re-plate? pics

    The off the street price on their website for the exchange program is $200 +/- $15.00 depending on bore size. That jug is a no question core. Now if you call them and talk to them, you may well be able to get some discount. Try it.....its only ten minutes of your life.