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    My wife and I ride there usually every year on vacation. There is also a 2 day Algonquin trail ride there. I recommend All Star resort for a place to stay. On 523 there are 2 places to stay as well. I can't remember their names offhand. We just stayed at Adventure lodge in Whitney. It was expensive and not worth the money. Currently some of the trail is closed in the Whitney area. There is a bridge out near Adventure Lodge and on the other end the gate is closed and it is posted. I suspect they are logging currently.
  2. hevster1

    KTM and Christini

    I was just there last week. If it was available for my 01 I would do it. I guess I have to wait till 09 when I can (hopefully) afford a new one.
  3. That my friends is the real question especially here in the east.
  4. I agree. The 450 would also be a great choice. The TE450 husky should be great as well.
  5. hevster1

    OTD Prices?

    It's not just about price, it's also about support. Kawasaki & Suzuki-Stroud motorsports Stroudsburg PA-good pricing and support Honda, Yamaha- Rusty palmer for Price, Dont know about support(Honesdale PA) Ktm-probably Matto Cycle-I am told good pricing and support Arctic Cat-Rymon & Sons Washington NJ-see my man Bill, power equipment too. Can-Am Probably NA Warhorse for price-Scranton Polaris-no idea
  6. hevster1


    Ramsey is closer to you than I am but still pretty far even if you are in Danbury or Greenwich. Good luck where ever you go.
  7. 200 xcw, 400 xcw, 200xcw. Lightweight manuverable bikes kick ass in the tight shit. I would take the 250 over the 400 for race as well. The 300 and 400 are a toss up. If I had the money for 2 bikes I would get the 200 and 400. The 200 would be the racer, the 400 the d/s bike.
  8. hevster1

    07 brute force 750

    replace them with works performance or elka
  9. hevster1

    any one ride morris county nj area?

    A suggestion is to join the Ridge Riders out of Stanhope.www.ridgeriders.org. Also you can ride NETRA and ECEA events as I do if your bike is plated and insured(enduro's and dual sports). Hare scrambles are an option as well. In the last few years we have showed up on the radar of the state more. The towns hate us because of noise and they also believe the B/S the enviro groups spout. Please look into www.njohva as well. This is the ONLY organization in NJ which is trying to get a riding area opened. Support them!
  10. hevster1


    I can do it and I guarantee my work. However there are numerous shops far closer to you than I am. I am in NJ near PA. Go to www.netra.org. Several great shops are sponsors/advertisers. If you need more info e-mail me at hevster1@yahoo.com.
  11. hevster1

    EFI on EXC's for '08?

    Why do I think the JD kit is crap? Simple: My bike 01 400 exc with o ring mod and diaphram, 42 pilot. Went on vacation to CO last summer. Installed JD kit for the altitude I was at following the suggestions in the instructions. Ran like shit. I tried numerous combinations and adjustments as well, not much better. Went back to stock needle and went down 2 sizes in the main. Way better. Ended up at that setting with the clip up one notch. Ran great for the whole time there. The needles are worthless to me and I tossed money out the window. I could have accomplished the same thing spending about 5.00 on a main jet. To top it off I already had the correct jet in my spares. Am I a jetting expert? No. I have owned bikes since the 60's and have played around with jetting before but by no means am I an expert. In my opinion I could have saved money and time trying out a basic setting without the JD kit. Am I an EFI expert? Yes, on cars and trucks. Assuming KTM and other manufacturers will have to achieve full emissions compliance to keep their bikes street legal, EFI is a necessity. Efi will increase mileage, power and decrease time lost jetting. If done correctly a power commander is simply not necessary. There is a good chance that if they use a programmable system other maps will be available if needed.
  12. hevster1

    Dual Sport EXC

    You live in NY so I assume you are riding in NY. Go to a Netra, ECEA or NYS event and look at all the 400's and 450's. Now look for the 520's and 525's. The difference is like 10-1 in favor of the 400 or 450. The big bores will wear you out in the tight and snotty terrain the northeast is famous for. Thats why if you look at the racers they are riding 200-250 2 strokes, 250 4 strokes or 400-450 4 strokes.
  13. hevster1

    EFI on EXC's for '08?

    My question is why do you think you will need a power commander? If the efi is done correctly, which I expect it to be, a power commander is unnecessary. Oh I forgot; lots of riders will have to change their exhausts to make them super loud or add big bore kits and the like because they need more power. Doesn't really matter because any good rider will still smoke most of them on a stock machine. Why spend 75.00 on a jet kit which is worthless? You can do better spending far less on jets. Anyone want to buy my JD crap kit?
  14. hevster1

    40 yr olds , what was your spot back in the day??

    44 NJ. High Mountain in NH/Wayne was my backyard. Oakland Sand pits, Stonetown, Sterling forest when you could buy permits, forked river and the meadowlands were alternates. Later on in the 90's after Stonetown was flooded for the dam, Oakland was heavily policed and Sterling stopped with the premits we rode off 23 and still high mountain. Late 90's they built much of High mountain and made the rest into a park. many of the trails off 23 are still there but I hear they are heavily patrolled. Many of these areas were lost due to building. Noisy bikes and Quads are still a problem though. If everyone was quiet we could still sneak in and ride.
  15. hevster1

    tower city info and pics wanted

    It's really not that rocky compared to many other places I have been. Of course I love the rocks so my opinion may be a little skewed. I have to make an appearance there this year especially since Paragon's future is unknown.