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  1. I know this is an older thread, but I was wondering how the Trail Tech fan kit is holding up since you have had it for a few months now; and the summer months should cause it to work harder. Thanks
  2. The damaged diaphragm is the most likely cause. The way a cv carb works... the cable is not attached to the slide. The cable opens a butterfly valve on the front of the carb. This lets in more air. The venturi effect (air rushing in) causes the diaphragm to lift (suck up) the slide. A Torn diaphragm does not raise the slide. IE then you have too much air since the butterfly opened but the slide did not come up to let in more gas. FYI: the delay (hesitation) of the diaphragm raising the slide instead of a direct connection with the slide being raised by the cable, is why the folks change to a different carb. The bike is more responsive. The slide can also bounce in rough terrain in a CV carb due to no cable holding it up. All that said, the diaphragm is probably just weather cracked and has to be replaced one way or the other.
  3. Riding all summer and not having to clean the carb is pretty good. That carb is tiny. One spec of sand will block the pilot and the main. Clean the carb and put an inline fuel filter in the hose from the tank to the carb. A lot of dirt comes off the spout also. Check to make sure you don't have any air leaks as well. Pilot is probably clean since it will idle.
  4. You can probably fix it better by getting rid of the cv and swapping to a real dirt carb. Search. I am sure it has been done many times before. A DR 350 or 400 carb should be able to fit. Probably have to change cable too. But it should run better too
  5. Oldmxer

    Tire choices for woods riding

    Dunlop 952 seems to last the best in the rocks for me. But I have never tried the Bridgestone. I may give it a shot.
  6. Oldmxer

    2011 klx 140

    full exhaust (we have a two Brothers on ours. seems work great. then KX65 carb mod Then it will out run the suspension. SO KX 85 or 100 forks and turn the linkage over Then a KX 85 or 100 shock. Suspension is better so now a 160 kit. You can modify a KX rear break lever to work. KX wide pegs from moose are nice. and the list can go on. but the exhaust and carb are the first.
  7. Oldmxer

    Different carb?!

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/860366-kx65-carb-on-a-klx140l http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/851312-klx-140-different-carburetor
  8. Oldmxer

    Different carb?!

    You can Do it yourself with a 65 carb. the cap needs to be modified also. there is a long article on Thumper talk about doing it. BUT you will also need to install a better exhaust system. the carb does not really help if you cant get the spent extra air and fuel out of the bike as fast as the larger carb lets it in. simple engine physics
  9. That looks like a CV type carb. most likely the diagram has a hole in it. IE it can pull the slide up.
  10. Oldmxer

    KLX 140 rear end wash out

    Where are you in Texas? or you can PM me. My wife has a KLX that she loves. Id be happy to meet up to try to give you a hand to solve it if we are close. I live southwest of the Austin area. Is it a KLX 140 small wheel or KLX 140L? flipping the linkage does nothing without also changing the forks to be taller as well. The linkage flip makes the bike about 1.5 inches taller. The small wheel 140 shock is not as adjustable. but IF you can, slow down the compression so the bike is not so springy and increase the rebound. it is probably compressing and then spring out fast. IE: too little compression and not enough rebound.
  11. Oldmxer

    KLX 140 dying when its hot

    Sounds like trash in the carb or tank. they have TINY pilot and main jets in the stock carb. Pull the carb bowl and see if there is even the tiniest spec of dirt in there. pull the pilot jet and main jet and blow them out. trash sometimes allows the carb jets to get blocked and then when they set it settles back to the bottom. OR gets the main plugged. IE wont take gas. it could be trash in the tank. not letting gas into the carb, setting for a minute puts some gas back in to start it. pull the fuel line off at the carb and turn the gas on (into a jar or can) and make sure gas is flowing out the hose. it can also be a stuck float not allowing enough gas into the bowl. when you have the float bowl off, turn the gas on and make sure gas is coming out to fill the bowl. again try to capture the gas and BE SAFE while doing any maintenance on the carb. ALWAYS run an inline fuel filter. they help. be careful pouring gas into the tank, not to allow dirt on the hose to fall in. a grain if sand will block the jet in a carb. hope that helps.
  12. Oldmxer

    How can I lower my 03 wr450f

    The lowering links do change the rear end ratio. But at 160lb you probably woudl not have to change the spring. Usually the links require going to a stiffer spring to overcome the added leverage the link gives the swingarm. The forks are easy to add a spacer in. Just get a machinist or a hole saw and cut some delron. for my daughters bike i used a 1 inch thich piece of delron and a hole saw (probably about a 1 inch). I then took the plug that was in the hole saw and drilled out the center to the diameter of the rod plus a few millimeters so it would slide freely. I used 2- one inch spacers in each fork. I pulled the cartridge damper apart and put the spacers on the rod. That way the rod cannot extend the full length. IE: it is now 2 inches shorter. Add 3 spacers if you want it more. BUT dont add more spacers than the rear is lowered. IE: if you buy a 2 inch lowering link, only lower the front 2 inches. You want to maintain the correct angles for the steering geometry. I did not use a lowering link. I had a race tech suspension guy put a spacer in the shock when he changed the oil. again, you can build a spacer from Delron. But the measurment is a little tricky. You need to meausre the length of the shock when it is fully extended, and then compress the rear by 2" or whatever, and measure the lenght of the shock again. it will probably only be about an 11mm spacer that is needed in the shock to get the 2 inches in the rear. DONT USE the 11mm as the number. measure your own. 11mm was the lenght for my KTM and was just an example. I also am 5'7" and I only lowered my KTM 1.5 inches to fill comfortable. I cannot flat foot with 2 feet though; only one. 1.5 inches also maintains good clearance for the rocks and roots. and still feels comfortable for Dual Sporting.
  13. The Radiators on the 06 WR are tweaked. The 04 WR radiators are straight but a little larger. Has anyone put the larger 04 radiators on an 06 WR? and was there a problem with ther shrouds if you did? Thanks
  14. Oldmxer

    Fluidyne & Radiator Guards

    I have an 03 with Fluidyne Radiators and Flatland Braces. They will fit. And so far, they have been great. Rocky Mountain Rides, Bulcher Rides (Last Man Standing location) They have survived what we have thrown at them with no problem
  15. The only thing to really watch for is the hotstart plunger getting stuck open. But it can happen on your 450 also, or any carb with a hot start for that matter. it would run hot and toast the head. Just clean it and the cable every once in a while. Other wise we have a 2003 and a 2004 and bothe have been very little trouble.