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  1. I had an 02 Access cab (that turned out to be too small for the family) that I put 47 k on it. It had the TSB on the front brakes (new rotors, calibers and pads) at 18k and a TSB for new drums on the rear at 20K. After that it was fine and still had plenty of brakes when I sold it. I did replace the front shocks around 30k since I thought there were too soft. Also, added rear helper springs since I tow a lot. If you want one of these, buy an 03 or newer since they have the TSB brake parts on them. My 05 is a double cab and I added a camper shell. It has had one issue and that was the low frequency horn shorted out (warr. on the horn and fuse/relay). I just checked the brakes on it yesterday and at 65k the back look great and the front pads will probably need to be replaced within another 10k. This truck is truly a keeper. One more comment, this one with the variable valve timing and 5 speed transmission gets better mileage than the 02 did both in town and towing on the highway. Also, the suspension is just right and I haven't modified it for towing. I'm pleased.
  2. I forgot my picture.
  3. I have a 5x8 Haulmark that I tow with a 05 Tundra doublecab. I have had three bikes, KLX400, KDX200 and XR100, in there and typically haul two easily. For my bike I have a permantly mounted ATK shoe, and for the other I have a moveable wheel chock since that gives me more freedome for different sizes of bikes. If I haul a third bike, it must go in backwards and is truely a tight fit. For camping, I have slept in it but for more than two people it is tight since there just isn't that much floor space. For me the big positives, are that it fits in my garage, three car, with ease and there really isn't much of a gas mileage it when I tow it. One more thing, I had a 6x10 and that is a nice size but it didn't fit in the garage it got old real fast storing it outside, paying storage fees, and watching it rot away. If I were doing it again, now that I'm thinking about getting a road bike too, I might be tempted to get a 5x10 at the same height. However, this appears to be a rare size. Good luck.
  4. Guys, I live in Friendswood and for dirt bike riding you are living on the wrong side of town. I do love the town and happen to be a local Scoutmaster too so I guess I'll be staying. I ride a KLX 400 (made street legal) and my son rides KDX200. We ride (trail riding) at Outlaw, Skull Creek, Sam Houston Nat. forest and as far away as Cherokee. On my own I love to go to Big Bend, Ark and Colorado (have a trip planned to Moab for 1st time soon). There is great riding in Texas but everything is a drive. You need to join the Trail Riders of Houston ( and you'll quickly get in the groove. Also, TRH has a series of 'family' enduroes that are a blast for the whole family. Welcome.
  5. I added a harness from Cycoactive to power the unit. It has a 2 amp fuse. Garmin connectore on GPS end and two 'eye' connectors to the battery "+" and "-" terminals.
  6. It's hard to get pictures of green ones since they are so darn fast. However, here's my KLX400R (made street legal). The other bike is a KDX200.
  7. Here's a picture of my 5x8 in the garage and another with it our playing.
  8. Guys, I finally bought a Garmin 76c to add to my KLX400R (street legal). The picture of the one with my finger, pointing to the dummy plug to hold the power plug, is the setup without the GPS.
  9. Guys, I finally bought a Garmin 76c to add to my KLX400R (street legal). The picture of the one with my finger, pointing to the dummy plug to hold the power plug, is the setup without the GPS.
  10. Everyone, I stopped in Texas City Kawasaki, south of Houston, two days ago, where I bought my green DRZ in 03, and they still have a brand new 03 KLX400R (DR 'E' version). I think this dealer is very willing to deal on it. I almost thought about buying it but I all ready have one... If you don't live too far away, this may be a good value.
  11. I'm using a 5x8 Haulmark trailer and I get two bikes, KLX400 and KDX200, in easily. I use a bike shoe for one and the other uses a wheel chock that I can move around for different bikes. Also, I have hauled a XR80, backwards, with the other two. I love being able to park in the garage and keep it out of the weather or paying storage fees. One more thing, I made a screen for the door way and have camped in it too.
  12. Don't sweat it. Texas doesn't require turn signals. Also, for the inspection, the lube places won't ride your bike or anything serious. They check for hi/lo beam, horn, tail and brake light. One place wanted to see the tail light with the engine off to make sure I had a battery. And the biggee, they'll ask if your brakes work...
  13. Checked the valves on my 03 KLX400R today and they measured .005" for both intakes and the exhausts were .010" and .012" For the .012" valve, I couldn't get a .013" feeler gage to fit so I think the .012" is a good measurement. The bike has 3100 miles on it now. The last time I checked it was around 900 miles and for the intakes I wrote down .004" and .006" and for the exhaust I had .009" and .011", respectively. It appears to me that they loosened up slightly, however, I thought they would tighten up? The bike is used for dual sports, trail riding, and an occasional enduro (usually finish last). To me this bike is really a good dollar machine and it's a keeper. Keep riding.
  14. I, KLX400, went riding today with my son, KDX200, at Cherokee Cycle Park here in Texas. First, I just want to say we had blast riding there and covered about 45 miles on the property. Also, the place is extremely quiet so camping would probably be great. Second, I just want to mention the the KLX/DR ran great (but you already knew that). If any of you have ever wondered what bike to move your kid up to, I strongly recommend the KDX200; ours is holding up well. Below is the website for the park and some pictures. Hope you all enjoy.
  15. Thanks for the comments. BTW, my bike has several dual sports and trail rides on it. However, I'm older and wiser, slower, now so I don't drop it or crash as much as I used to. Also, I've always been a ride red guy until my last knee surgery and I just couldn't kick start my 99 XR400 so the DR replaced the XR since it was electric start. Also, my son rides trail with me and Honda really didn't offer anything for him so that the KDX200 replaced his earlier bike; TTR125L. This forum has been great and I really do like the DR. I've done the usual mods and had the suspension done to race tech specifications but I always leave the engine stock, other than jetting and airbox snorkel removal, since I typically keep my bikes a long time and put a lot of miles on them. Thank you all.