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  1. Johnnie51

    Are you 6'5" or taller and ride this bike?

    I'm 6' 4.25" and with Long Legs, I have taller bars on my DRZ and they still need to be higher in order to ride standing up, bar risers before Spring for sure. I have a tall Moose seat and scraped it, as it's too narrow and hard. but found it a good mix for sit down riding with the taller bars. I also have a KLR650 I'm getting ready to sell this spring. The DRZ is a much better fit compaired to the KLR, but the seat is the weak point in the setup. Plenty of seat height and not so bad after broken in. The KLR is more of a crusier than a dirt bike, a all day rider. The DRZ will wear ya out sooner, but alot more fun on dirt roads and nasty trails where the KLR won't work. Apples to Oranges. Tell him he will get leg cramps on the Harley. " If ya aint sliding, ya aint ridding".
  2. Johnnie51

    Are "real" offroad knobbies SAFE for Dualsport?

    The only reason I bought MT21's was to pass the bike inspection at the DMV when I took my motorcycle endorsment test, all three of my other bikes had at least one issue that could make them not pass. So the DRZ got MT21's. Not once did the inspector look for the DOT logo on the tires. I run Metzlers on my old DRs250 and never ever had a problem with them on the street. Next time around Real Knobbies for this DRZ400s. If your new at riding and ya ride alot on the street maybe DOT legal would be better. I used to have Knobbies on my 1972 street legal CZ motorcycle( yes the old motocrosser) And I could get some nice slides in tight wet corners with it, those old bike where made to slide, unlike todays high center of Grav bikes. " If ya aint sliding, ya aint riding".
  3. So have ya got your new Cycle World mag (Jan 2005)yet? There's a interesting article about making the DRZ400S work right. Some new ideas there, wonder if Jimmy Lewis reads the TT forum? It's great to see somthing written about Dual-Sport bikes in the motorcycle mags, and Jimmy challanges the Motorcycle companines to get with it , listen to us who own these bikes and update them, or at least give us some new models. Dual-Sport is very popular and with the new California rules, there should be even more demand for better bikes than Suzuki and Honda(forget the Honda,retire it,LOL!) are building. I love my 03 DRZ400S, but I would buy a new one if Suzuki came out with a updated version, with a (dreaming here) a 450 motor, better carb,better seat, bigger gas tank, on and on. So what do you guys think?
  4. Johnnie51

    New bars and new grips question.

    The holes left over from the now long gone Bar weights are begging you to put on some Handquards!!! The help with the cold air. What is Suzuki's reasoning with the barwieghts anyway? I quess it's so when the bike gets dropped it save the mirrors or levers or what? They seem really strange and waste of money that could have been put into something else,like a longer shift lever, thicker side cases, or?
  5. Johnnie51

    DRZ400E vs BMW 650 dualsport

    I have both a KLR and DRZ400s, I rode the KLR once after I bought a the DRZ one year ago, nice road bike,well sort of. If I was going to ride around the Planet I would buy a new KLR and set it up correctly and go for it, anything else I would ride the DRZ, Anyone want to buy a KLR and cheap?
  6. Johnnie51

    Flip up helmets

    I also bought the new Arai XD , Fantastic helmet, more air and air control,flip shield is fantastic, the fit is better than my Roadie KBC Euro which is a great helmet, price is way too much,but you get what you pay for and more!!! It's the best solution out there for dual-sport riding by far!!! I didn't get the great price the other rider got, even with the Arai Northwest Sales rep working to get a deal. Best advice don't buy anything from a BMW dealer,there overhead is so frigging high you can never catch a deal from them.
  7. Johnnie51

    Corbin has new seat for DRZ400

    So what's the deal with all of these aftermarket seat guru's, have they been smoking the funny stuff vrs riding motorcycles? That's the Gay est! seat(Corbin) I've ever seen other than the Blue seat on my old KLR650(92'). I've tried the Moose Tall, that's even worse! than the stock seat(anyone want a Moose tall seat brand new?) I belive there is one fellow on the DRZ forum that bought a 01 KDX tall soft from Guts, reshaped it a tiny bit and solved the problem. Maybe he could chime in once again and show up a picture. Maybe If ALL of US emailed Guts Racing and told them what we want they might make a REAL SEAT for a DRZ400. I vote for wider,softer or at least correct foam,and taller with a standard version for the shorties out there. 03 DRZ400s 6 mods, want a good seat.
  8. Johnnie51

    Seat issues

    I bought a Moose Tall Seat and it's hard and very uncomfortable. Too Narrow at the top,fit isn't all that good.And is a painfull to say the least. If ya want it, it has 5 miles on it,and it's for Sale. One guy here has gone to Guts Racing and retro-fitted a Kawasaki KDX Tall/Soft to his DRZ seat base. Maybe he could chime in here and discribe which one he ordered. I'm really shocked that someone in the Aftermarket seat industry hasn't jumped into this catagory. Not everyone riding these bikes are 19 years old,and trying to triple jump everything in sight. Some of us Ol' Vet's want a seat that can get us past the 20 mile pain the the arse ride!!!!! A little Wider,Taller(to match us up with taller bars)Softer,maybe some high tec foam or something....Come on Seat guys,step up to the plate and make some money, WE NEED A DECENT SEAT!!!
  9. Johnnie51

    Clarke 3.9 tank question - KLX400SR

    Black bike( Looks really cool ) Black Truck, Black Car. Did you paint your house Black?
  10. Johnnie51

    Rear Maxxis IT - Heavy duty tube grrrrrrrrrrrr

    I just pay the guys at the motorcycle shop $15 to change the tire. They do a great job and it saves the knucles.
  11. Johnnie51

    When dealing with a middle-aged person....

    "My wife is starting menopause" That's one major good reason to get out and ride the Motorcycle!!! I'm turning 53 tommorow, having a business that deals with Contractors(The strangest bunch of Humans on the Planet!!!!) A 15 year old that is a genius in Math but won't do his homeworkd( Grand Pa is a retired Scientist and also has the Math gene) A still live at home 19 year old that did very well in school but can't affor tuition for colledge so where working on that. Put it this way theres one choice and only one choice when your middle aged Start taking Prozac or buy a DRZ400 I choose the Bike and It works Sooo Much Better! Menopause is by far the worst thing that can happen to a Man!! If ya ain't sliding, you ain't riding. 2003 DRZ400z Skid plate(forgot which make) MT21's F&R, CFC's, Stock seat (back on since the Moose tall sucks) Heavy duty tubes(figured that one out the hard way). Rim locks all around too, Renthal bars,and more to do.
  12. Johnnie51

    Husqvarna and Honda?

    Husqvarna Lawn tractors are the real deal. I wonder if a guy like Burned had one how fast the thing might go. I have two Husqvarna chain saw that are two stroke , sound great! rev up quick and have more power than a 1967 Husy 250!!!! A friend of mine used to own the Very First Husquvarna imported into the U.S. If your out there Glen H. write a responce to this post.
  13. Johnnie51

    ride near cardiff ?

    Used to live in Cardiff and ride out in a place called "The Mesa" fantastic place, hill climbs, a couple of spots to ride some flat track,moto cross, sand washes,then the deveopers came and put in 100's of crapp tract houses. I even got to see Malcom Smith ride a new bike called a "Husy" in one of the 50 milers our club the Sage Hoppers used to hold. But I see your Cardiff is in the UK, mine is in Southern California.
  14. I use a KBC Euro street helmet on or off road. I will get a dirt only helmet for riding desert.But for street/gravel roads(Western Oregon) the street Helmet works very,very well. When the bugs are flying you just drop the visior, a bee in the helmet is no fun. The Arai cross over sounds like a great idea.
  15. Johnnie51

    Best aftermarket seat?

    Don't buy a Moose seat if your looking for comfort. There Tall(which is nice) TOO NARROW at the top(worse than a stocker) and Hard. The Fit is not so hot,workmanship could be spot on,but they don't seem to care about that, only sales and not standing up for there products. One guy on here has gone with the Guts racing seat cover and foam for a KDX and put it on his stock seat base. Maybe he could chime in here and help out. I belive he's the one guy who has figured out this problem. The stock seat is 300% better than a Moose Tall seat!!!!