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  1. aussiedrzguy

    Fuel Inection Thoughts.....

    I would love to EFI my bike, years ago I started looking at whether I could fit an injector into the head and go direct injection. Trouble is you need much better control on pulse timing, higher pressure fuel pump and I read some reports the direct injection struggles to keep up at high RPM. Keep up the good work guys!
  2. aussiedrzguy

    74jimbo's engine build thread

    I got nothing from Eddie, he never answered his phone and wouldn't take my call at Steele cycles even after he asked for a list of parts he owed me. Gadiel Romeo, I think that's how it's spelt, has also claimed Drew has a cylinder head and taken money for work and not responded to his communications. He had me send my head to a PO box in Zephyrhills.
  3. aussiedrzguy

    74jimbo's engine build thread

    Jimbo it looks like Drew has taken at least three of us for a ride that I can see through various facepage groups. My story is I sent him a brand new head to be ported, dimpled, OS valves and seats installed back in February. About $1500 for the work and $800 for the head. I haven't heard a peep from him since April when he told me he was waiting for parts. I must be cursed or stupid as this is the second time it's happened. First time was when Eddie disappeared leaving me out of pocket for a heavily modded head as well as a bunch of other parts.
  4. aussiedrzguy

    Myer's Racing review

    Your story sounds like mine, I had a brand new E head I sent him. He asked me to pay family and friends, stupid me did and six months later nothing.
  5. He even got some tv coverage for his efforts from channel 9. Looks like fun!
  6. aussiedrzguy

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Here you go. Held in with titanium fasteners.
  7. aussiedrzguy

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Replaced the engine mounts with carbon fibre mounts I made. You gotta save every bit of weight possible.
  8. aussiedrzguy

    Blast from the past! DRZ475TT

    Those wheels are sitting in my shed.
  9. aussiedrzguy

    FCR-MX 41 + Dyna Tek FS vs the dyno

    Which map did you have the Dyna set on?
  10. aussiedrzguy

    shift indicator setup

    Starlane make a gear position display that runs off revs and speed.
  11. aussiedrzguy

    what headlight is this?

    You will need to make custom mounts for the KLX headlight. I have one fitted on my bike.
  12. aussiedrzguy

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    After much contemplation and procrastination I ordered a set of Marchesinis. 17x3.5 front and 17x4.5 rear in gloss black. Won't actually see them for a few months though.
  13. aussiedrzguy

    Australian DR-Z owners thread?

    If your still after a crank, I have a new hotrods stock stroke crank that I bought by mistake, I am down in Victoria but will be happy to post it up north.
  14. aussiedrzguy


    That's a similar look to what I am going for.
  15. Some pictures would help with a diagnosis.