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  1. Almost forgot, :thinking:You don't have to worry about 2 way trails at Durhamtown, :cheers:One way is how It's done there.
  2. Ken,Ken,Ken---You followed me all the way over here. :jawdrop:You must really want to ride in them there woods with me again. Angie--Come on down to Durhamtown,I'll ride with ya.Ask for Rob.
  3. If you like riding a rocket thumper through woods this is the place.Durhamtown plantation just outside Greensboro Ga.Come on down and have a blast--THE PRO'S DO.
  4. Bill,what's the 340 kit?
  5. Take it from someone that rides there every time his wife will let him--THERE IS NO BETTER PLACE TO RIDE IN THE WHOLE STATE. :cheers:That place and the head man incharge of riding taught me how to ride--you just can't repay that.
  6. Chicken,I'm sorry I forgot that you said not to tell and let it leak out that you owned that XR200.They said you could not come. (JUST KIDDING)
  7. I saw your post on GOR. We try to park toward the back of the lot,you'll see us.See ya there.
  8. Sorry guys and girls it's big not bid.
  9. Come out and have a blast at Whissenhunt orv this Sunday,all the GOR guys will be there.Well,some of them. :lol:The park is in north Ga.(GREAT PLACE TO RIDE A THUMPER)
  10. I use Moose bar aluminum and they bounce off trees left and right.
  11. Little pop 3\4 the way down ,bring it back up and hit it all the way down.Everytime easy as pie. :cool:Mine is a 2002 model.And by the way,with the mods,I love it.
  12. Whissy might be alittle to much for him so I would take him to Durhamtown--(THE BEST PLACE IN GA. TO RIDE.)
  13. Were all going to Whissy this Sunday,come on and we'll have a blast.
  14. Oh ya,Ivan-Van down by the river,wright.
  15. I'm also a member of Georgiaoffroad and wanted to know if any of you ride in Ga?