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    94 XR650L Sprocket reccomendation

    Just put a 14T on the front. Very happy with it. Would not be good for extended highway travel - but great overall on dirt and for shorter hauls (1 Hr or less) on highway. You start buzzin a bit after 65 MPH.
  2. XR650L_CDN

    Newbee basics

    Try a 14 tooth countershaft sprocket. I changed mine on my 2004 650L and love it. You lose about 5 MPH of top speed, but 1st and 2nd are way more useable in the dirt. Make sure to buy a good quality one.
  3. XR650L_CDN

    Lowering Link on XR650L

    Can anyone provide me feedback on the following: How does the lowering link affect handling and clearance? Do you really get a 1 1/2" drop as they advertise? Can't you just lower the front fork assembly a bit?
  4. I just installed a Sprocket Specialists 14 tooth sprocket on my 650L. It definately geared it down nicely and I really like my new gearing. However, I noticed that the stock sprocket had a rubber type material around the inside edge of it and my replacement does not. Is this a problem? Also, does anyone know the quality of Sprocket Specialists products - are they good quality products? Also, does using the smaller sprocket wear the chain faster? One last thing - what is the torgue setting for the 2 bolts that hold on the sprocket? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  5. XR650L_CDN

    Battery Charging

    Anyone know if I can charge a 6 Volt motorcycle battery (from a 250) with a 6V - 6A charger? If not, what should I use?
  6. XR650L_CDN

    XR650L Lowering Link

    Anyone have a picture of an actual lower link installed on a XR650L? I am curious to see where it goes. Also - any feedback on how it affects handling and clearance? Do you really notice the 1 1/2" drop? Can't you just lower the front fork assembly a bit?