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  1. dbart

    What pitbike to buy

    I just picked up a modded out KLX110...they are out there, just keep looking. If I can figure out how to post a pick, I'd show it. Can't wait to go ride...Headed to gorman for Labor day!
  2. dbart

    04CRF450 Mountain bike Questions

    To make into a mountain bike, first remove motor assembly and replace with pedal assembly! sorry...I couldn't help myself.
  3. I believe the cutoff was Aug 2003 for plating any green stickered bike. I have a 02 CRF450-R with the Baja Designs kit and now i don't even get the Green sticker...just the sticker for my plate. Some dealers have been able to plate such bikes. It's all how they write up the paperwork and how it is initially registered. again...a grey area. If they write it up as a dual sport bike and register it as such...they have been able to get a plate from the DMV. As for recalls...look out. If your bike was done before Aug 2003 then you are good. Or...spend gobs of cash to get a KTM and spend more on spare parts.
  4. dbart

    What to Buy…thoughts???

    or, if money is no object...Ha Ha http://www.apriliausa.com/modelli/offroad/modello.asp?id=111
  5. dbart

    What to Buy…thoughts???

    Check out the new Husqvarna SMR510: Supermoto http://www.husqvarnausa.com/ . I think it's cheaper than the KTM's
  6. IMG]http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y149/dbart/P2140403-1.jpg[/img]
  7. Bryan, I am selling my CA street legal CRF450-R if you are interested. http://www.thumpertalk.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=27238&cat=2 Make me an offer... d
  8. dbart

    Pro Taper Handlebars

    I had the same problem. I am 6' and have pro tapers on mine with TAG triple clamps. I just got taller bar mounts, I think 10mm taller than stock and that did the trick. Cheaper than new bars.
  9. dbart

    Rekluse Cluth Wear

    Sweet...I gotta look into it. I've replaced the basket before and clutch plates...not too difficult. Thanks for the info.
  10. dbart

    dual sport kit on crf450r

    Good point on the insurance issue. I called mine before I even bought the bike just to see how much it would be for full coverage. I told them exactly what the bike was. Cost is about 12.00 a month, but I also have my wifes car and my truck under the same policy...multi car helps.
  11. dbart

    New SG10's

    got a website for them? I'm about due for new boots...been using AXO RC-6 and love them, but doesn't hurt to look at others.
  12. dbart

    Rekluse Cluth Wear

    I've been thinking about getting one for my CRF450-R. My bike is plated for CA and there have been a couple instances when I've stalled at a light. Luckily, It starts right up, but it would be nice to have REKLUSE since my bike isn't electric start! How difficult is it to install?
  13. dbart

    dual sport kit on crf450r

    I have an 02 CRF450-R that is CA registered with a Baja Designs Dual Sport Kit and I haven't had any problems.
  14. dbart

    Boots: Tech 8 or 10

    I love my AXO RC-6's. Try those on for size. The toe isn't as bulky as the tech 8's-10's.