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  1. MotoMike14

    Lowering Link

    I have an interesting question: Does anyone know the dimensions of the two inch lowering link for a 2002 Kawasaki KLR 650? Dimensions as in the length, diameter/size of the hole, and so and so forth. Does anyone have one kicking around, and maybe measure it for me? Thanks
  2. MotoMike14

    Cannondale owners would you buy it again?

    I know ATK did. As a matter of fact, I swung by the ATK dealer about 45 minutes from my house today. I just wished Cannondale could've kept going, just because of the name. I'm an avid mountain biker, so when Cannondale was building them, it was a pretty cool deal. I'd buy a new ATK if I had the extra money kicking around. Guess the C-Dale will have to do...
  3. MotoMike14

    Cannondale owners would you buy it again?

    I haven't had my Cannondale more than a few weeks, but already I've fallen in love with it. I bought a 2002 X440s, mainly because I like different stuff. It's really a shame they couldn't get these things straightened out because mine runs so good, and I just can't get over that motor. Downfall is the weight on them, but I can learn to deal with that. I wouldn't have bought one new, just because they cost so much, but a new CRF450X almost costs as much as they did new now. Cannondale was about...3-4 years ahead of their time, especially since right after they went down, TM essentially took the same platform with fuel injection, and made a damned good bike out of it. Really was a shame. Yet, I plan to keep mine for a long time.
  4. MotoMike14

    The Nightmare...argh

    Went to start my trusty 2002 YZ250F today. It's bone stock, and it's got very little hours, and runs like it did from day one. Because of school and just a bunch of stuff, I can't ride as much as most people do, and my bike sat. I started it a couple weeks ago and althought it took a while, it started. So today I went to go start it, but it was dead as a doorknob. Once it made a couple bad backfires, it just basically did nothing. The faint smell of fuel trailed not long after several minutes of kicking, and even bumping it. I looked down and saw it was recycling a good amount of fuel from the drain tube, even though I wasn't kicking. Problem located. Well, I finally pinpointed that my float is stuck. And stuck very open. I drained all the fuel from the bowl, and gave it one final round, and it gave me the "no one is home" noises. I figured because the float hung, that now I have trash everywhere in the carb. now. I went ahead and drained my bowl one last time, got every single lost drop of fuel out of the bowl, and dropped in some good ole Yamaha Carb. Cleaner. Letting it sit over night. I'm hoping this works, but not exactly positive it will. How much of a pain the in the *** is it to do work on these carbs? I can twist just enough to the side where I'm pretty sure I can pull the bowl off, except getting at one screw. Problem is I don't know if all my jets are loaded up too, so those may need some cleaning, and I need to act somewhat quick due to I know I have gas in the cylinder (although I held it wide open and tried to blow it out) and probably some is creeping to the bottom end, which means the oil change I JUST did is now garbage without one stinking ride. I know everyone on here has done some stuff to their carbs because of jetting or whatever, and I figured this is better than the manual with 1231293819238 pictures in it. Need some advice, just so I can get it running again and start riding it more often. Anyone else had similar problems? Argh, don't wanna have to take it to the dealers! Help meeeee!
  5. MotoMike14

    To buy or not to buy...

    There's a 2002 Cannondale X440 for sale locally, and the owner has knocked the price down to almost next to nothing. Owner estimates it has 10-20 hours on it, and has never had any problems with it, at all. No crank, battery, ECU, fuel injection, or anything has ever gone wrong with it, says it's like new. I can snag it for about $2000, probably even less due to the owner needs money, and quick. I figure for the money, I can do the ATK upgrade, or at least the Stage 8 upgrade. I know of the inherent problems, and have owned stuff that requires more than frequent maintenence, so I'm good on that end of the spectrum. Worth the chance at buying it? I hear some people go 50 hours with no problems, and some go about 2 hours, then the crank turns to bread crumbs. Plan on using it lightly, and it won't get more than about 10 hours a year on it, due to I already have a YZ250F. So...to buy or not to buy? Help me out!
  6. MotoMike14

    '86 SRX 600 throttle response question

    Solution: Go to single carb.. I've seen it done, wanted to do it to mine that I had, but sold it before I really pursued it. Might wanna mess with your jetting, you may be on the rich side, or have may have some wacky gearing.
  7. MotoMike14

    XR650L Fuel Screw...

    2 1/2 sounds about where we have it. Any other recommendation for just rideability, and not performance wise. No problem with performance, just trying to smooth out the edges.
  8. MotoMike14

    Looking to buy a new bike....Need Help!!

    I personally would aim for either the XR650L or DR650SE. The DRZ-400 is a great bike, but even though it is newer with better technology, it's a dirt bike at heart. My dad just bought a 05 XR650L, and I already have an 02 DR650. Both are great. If your vertically challenged, I would get a DR650, due to the XR is nearly 3 inches taller, and you can tell the difference when you ride. DR is a little more fun to ride on the street, with lower center of gravity and the 17 inch rear wheel, plus more sensible tires for the street. Honda has more dirt oreinted suspension, and can probably handle the rough stuff a little better. Either motor is great, Suzuki has more grunt off the bottom, but either one has more than enough power to cruise at 75 with no problem. Honda is more expensive, and many dealers won't budge on their pricing, unless you find a desperate dealer, like we did. If you're planning on doing a lot of hardcore dirt riding, get a DRZ 400, but I personally prefer the DR650, but there again, it's what you're going to do.
  9. MotoMike14

    XR650L Fuel Screw...

    My dad just picked up a 2005 650L, and he's been fiddiling with the fuel screw to get it right. We've got it close, but what does everyone else run? Thanks
  10. MotoMike14

    Can you convert a bike and get a tag in Florida?

    GOOD LUCK! Unless you can find someway to get an out of state title, I'd say you're pretty much out of luck. My dad had a KLX650R and wanted to street it, but we had no luck at all. Never actually pursued it, but the laws are so tight to the point that it's pretty much impossible. Just buy a DR650
  11. MotoMike14

    Prove of helmets

    If anyone hasn't heard yet, "Indian Larry," the infamous chopper builder made famous through Discovery Channel, passed away Tuesday at 3:30am at a hospital in North Carolina. He died after suffering head injuries during his famous stunt in which he stands on the seat and basically just surfs on the bike, but this time the bike bobbled, and he wasn't able to regain control. He suffered severe head injuries. He wasn't wearing a helmet during the stunt, and I think many would say this more than likely cost him his life. Prove of helmets? I hope so...
  12. MotoMike14

    HOT NEWS Suzukis New DRZ400SM

    I got word from a somewhat reliable source tied to a dealer that we may see that model in the U.S. before the end of this year. Possibly as a late release 05 model.
  13. MotoMike14

    Xtreme CR 107...Assistance Needed

    Anyone tell me how much oil these things hold? Thanks
  14. MotoMike14

    Xtreme CR 107...Assistance Needed

    Thanks for the help guys. Pulled the carb off to see the jetting was so far off it was nuts. Runs like a top now!
  15. MotoMike14

    Xtreme CR 107...Assistance Needed

    Thanks for the help. Hey HRC, what kind of tires do you have on your 107? I want to put smooth tires on mine and make it into a motard, so could you tell me the brand, size, and where I can find them? Thanks