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  1. Rdogg

    How fast is this thing?

    74 ??? That's a pretty good top end ....
  2. Rdogg

    Will Cannondale oem wheels fit yfz450???

    Do you think Yamaha would sell the black wheels that come on limited edition Banshees and Raptors????? I think they'd look cool but i wonder what the price would be???????
  3. Found a good price on some cannondale oem wheels with tires and was wondering if they'd fit on the yfz????? Thanks Rdogg '04 yfz 450
  4. Rdogg

    How much $$$ to fix this quad??

    I think the thing i'm mostly wondering about is the wiring harness. What does that consist of on a Cannondale??? I have no clue of what that would cost and what to even look for on the ATK website because a wiring harness wasn't even listed as an item to buy. THanks Rdogg '04 yfz450
  5. Rdogg

    How much $$$ to fix this quad??

    I'm thinking of buying a 2001 FX400 Cannondale that needs a wiring harness, starter, battery, and a chain and was wondering if any of you could give ma an idea how much extra money i'd have to put into this quad to get it going with those parts there alone. Thanks Rdogg '04 yfz450
  6. Rdogg

    Yamaha How fast is this thing?

    Hello I just bought my yfz about a month ago and have only ridden it a handful of times and that was with another yfz. My question is how does it stack up against Raptors,Banshees,250Rs,etc.? (stock)in a drag race. I'm constanly being harassed by people at work and even gas stations when the quad is in the back of my truck. Always the question: Hey bud will that beat a Banshee? I'm like i know it will in the trails but never raced one in a drag. Anyway you get the picture. Rdogg '04 yfz 450 Now i know drag racing isn't the biggest deal but you know how rednecks are.
  7. Rdogg

    which pipe to get for YFZ450

    Sounds like i'm not getting a K&N now heck with all that trouble i don't need the added headaches. Rdogg '04 yfz450
  8. Rdogg

    ? alba racing.

    I ordered my candy apple red silencer from HMF yesterday and should be here friday if i'm not happy i'll just go ahead and order the headpipe separate but anyway i think i'll be fine this thing has enough power for me right now as is. Rdogg '04 yfz450 HMF is also sending the recommended jet for the pipe i bought so hopefully i have it lined out this weekend.
  9. Rdogg

    ? alba racing.

    I don't think i'm changing the headpipe on my yfz. It looks pretty fat and non restricting. Rdogg '04 yfz 450
  10. Rdogg

    "Popping" out of gear

    A buddy of mine and i were riding today (both have yfz450s) and we had the same problem mostly from 2nd to neutral cause we were in tight woods but really became a headach on some curvy hillclimbs and am a little concerned about it also. Rdogg '04 yfz 450