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  1. DirtDobber

    Hot Start Lever Stuck

    Thanks Steve. I will check it out. Happy trails. DD
  2. DirtDobber

    Hot Start Lever Stuck

    Hey guys, Well, it's been about 6 months since I injured my knee. I haven't ridden my WR450 for a while, but today I started it up and ran it for a while. When I turned it off, I used the hot start to crank it up later. Well, I guess it's been sitting too long, cause the hot start lever stuck open when I pulled it back. How do you free up this device? Thanks, DD
  3. DirtDobber

    WR 450 vs. KTM 450 EXC

    I'll add just a small bit of info to this thread. And this is just my experience over the last year. I ride with a few KTM's and from what I've seen personally, the Yamaha seems to have fewer problems. The KTM is definately faster right out of the crate. As far as top speed goes with the stock gearing, I'm topping out at around 82 mph and that is measured with my little GPS on the handle bars. I think the bike will go faster with different gearing, but not with me on it! DD
  4. DirtDobber

    05 wr450 oh my god!

    I've got an 04 that I did all the same mods. to. And your right, the bike turns into a different animal! I couldn't believe the difference either! It feels so awesome to just twist the throttle back in third gear slowly and watch the front end just keep on coming up! I have to admit when I first bought the bike, I was dissapointed in the power department, but after the free mods., this thing is a animal! DD
  5. DirtDobber

    Rear Shock Spring 5.4kg for 205lbs Right?

    Here's the URL to calculate the spring rate. http://www.racetech.com/evalving/menu/searchdirt.asp
  6. DirtDobber

    Pics of my '05 WR450

    Dang that bike so pretty you hate to get it dirty! DD
  7. DirtDobber

    my first weekend ride on the YZF450

    I just rode a new red/white YFZ450 last Thursday. Raced it (straight line) against my nephew's Raptor. The raptor has been jetted, piped and the airbox modified. The YFZ came modified from the dealer with a pipe. The race was close enough to call it a tie, with the only variable being the operator/rider. The runs made were about 600 ft. on turf/grass. In my opinion, their close enough that in a drag race, the winner will depend on which rider has got their act together the best. The Raptor has tons of torque, and the 450 loves being revved. I'm not much of a quad rider, but I would think in a closed course race the handling of the 450 would be superior to the Raptor. It felt lighter, turned quicker and seemed to handle the terrian with more agility than the more top heavy Raptor. Their both great quads, and I enjoy riding both of them. Oh yea, that new red/white paint scheme really looks sharp! DD
  8. DirtDobber

    Mounting Devol Radiator Guards

    Hey Indy email them to me if you would. I'm always looking for better ways to do things. Thanks DD email: highjacker525@aol.com
  9. DirtDobber

    Mounting Devol Radiator Guards

    Thanks for the suggestion DB. I have read other places on this forum about using the Works Brace to enhance the Devol for strength. I might just modify my louvers too, or pick up some of those blue anodized ones. DD
  10. DirtDobber

    Mounting Devol Radiator Guards

    Thanks NC, I'll definately check them out. DD I found them at the web site you talked about... http://www.chaparral-racing.com/Chaparral/productr.asp?pf%5Fid=307%2D0986&gift=False&HSLB=False&mscssid=04F7A577438EE458091E7EBD923B5560 Might just give them a try!
  11. DirtDobber

    Mounting Devol Radiator Guards

    And thank you Indy! Mine fit fine, didn't have to drill any new holes. I was kind of worried about not using the directional air flow louvers. I didn't want it to run hot down here in the Florida heat. The louvers look very impressive on supplying air to the radiator, but if their not needed than everything should be fine. Thanks again for your help. DD
  12. DirtDobber

    Mounting Devol Radiator Guards

    Thanks Maddog for the help. I got her figured out now. DD
  13. Hey Guys, My Guards got here today. The mounting instructions lack a lot to be desired in my opinion. Got a couple of questions if ya'll would indulge. Are you supposed to put the white nylon/plastic air direction louvers back under the new guard? I assume you mount the brackets that hold the guard over the outside of the new guard. The guard is tapped to accept the screws, so I know of no way to tighten them unless you do. The rear brace comes very close to the back of the radiator. If it was to bend, it seems likely that it would damage the radiator in the process. Has anyone had this happen? Thanks for your time. I would appreciate any help on this matter. DD I got it figured out after doing a search. Thanks anyway guys. DD
  14. DirtDobber

    Radiator Guards What is the Best Kind?

    Thank you sir! I've got some different one's coming. If they don't meet my standards, I will try yours next. DD
  15. DirtDobber


    Speaking of roost... Last weekend I was at Ocala Forest, FL. with a few friends, one on a Kaw KX-250 and another on a Yam YZ-250 two smokers. Both of my friends weigh around 185 lbs., and I break the scales at 300 lbs. All I heard from both of them was complaints on my roost! They described it as six foot high and fifty foot long. They said it looked more like a roost from a hydroplane boat then a dirtbike! After we hit the 60 miles an hour mark, I would start pulling away from them up to redline. Considering my total weight was at least 120 lbs. more then them, that is impressive! I love my 04 WR450! An incredible bike, that makes overweight amateurs like me look good! DD