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    San Diego Riding????

    Not to sounds stupid but is it common to run into any troubles in regards to the "local law enforcement" I have just heard stories about people going to down there with nice cars or maybe a nice bike and run into so troubles.
  2. CRFN

    San Diego Riding????

    Anybody know of any general riding area close to San Diego? I'm sure I need to drive east for anything legal, but wondering what is the closest. Any info will help, thanks.
  3. Anybody know what the weight is set for on the stock suspension? I’m about 150-155 with all my gear on. I have heard some say that the stock suspension may be too stiff for me. I am a fairly new rider but getting better every day. Any info will help, thanks.
  4. Do you need to use the clutch when downshifting on a 4-stroke?
  5. CRFN

    Help in Slick Turns

    Thanks a lot. Heading out tomorrow, I'm sure your tips will help! I have heard that the stock tire (which I still have on) sucks in loose dirt, I'll look into other options. Just need to buck up and not worry about dumping it again.
  6. I've been riding motorcycles for a few years now, but just recently got a dirt bike. I came from riding a sportbike dragging knees to tring to learn how to keep control on the dirt. The main problem I'm having is going into turns with real sandy and loose dirt. I keep losing my front tire and eating it. I was told to go in and keep weight on the front tire, try to get under the dirt for traction. I feel like that's what I'm doing, put I also feel like I'm just being puss. Any tips or internet links would really help. Thanks