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    KLX/DRZ 110 Swingarm hybrid with a KX65

    keep me posted. Me and my son are looking at this. He is pretty good so I want to upgrade his bike.
  2. Smith61

    racing the drz110?

    Hey Evil! My son races the drz 110 out east here in the 65 novice Class NESC/NCSC. I've seen them in the 65 amateur and 65 advanced too. They CAN be made competitive, and they will go better on the trail rides in between than the KX/RM 65's The klx 110 was piloted to an 8th place overall in the NCSC championship (65cc Expert Class) Not bad huh!?
  3. Smith61

    KLX110 Question

    My ten year old races his 03' DRZ 110 in the 65 class. They don't know where to plug them in. I've seen them in the 50cc four stroke and advanced classes. My son rides 65cc Novice and the bike will go nearly as fast with pipe/jetting/larger sprocket rear. The only problem is bottoming out! These bikes need stiffer springs, or better yet, some RM/KX 60/65 legs! HELP!