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  1. Anyone know if the case and cylinder from a 2004 yzf450 would fit on a 2003. . . ? ? ? I need to replace both case and cylinder. Thanks TD
  2. albatross

    Battle Creek Motocross ! ! !

    Yes I do have a few pictures, I need to get them off the camera, should have them in the next day or so. Don't think they have any practice days, not sure about website.
  3. albatross

    Battle Creek Motocross ! ! !

    Anyone else make to Battle Creek for the race ? My kids raced it, the track looked great, the kids loved it. I had one on the big track and one on the mini track. Looks like they are stepping it up over there, they've got a club series going with a couple other tracks, the big track looked like they had been prepping it for weeks. . . . . The mini track was awesome, they stepped up the size of all the obstacle's and had a mix of everything, from whoops, a radical sand section, some nice doubles and a huge finish line table top. Have to say we've been to them all and as far as mini's go they've got the best. . . . . . We'll definitely be there again in June.
  4. I think OLN did a great job covering the nationals this year. . . . except for putting everything on hold for a month for the Tour de France. Hopefully if they have them next year that won't happen with Lance Armstrong retiring. As far as the commentary I think they are all tards. It makes me nauseous listening to them, except for Erin Bates she's way hotter than Jamie Little.
  5. albatross

    Who has the best mini track ? ?

    The Battle Creek Motorcycle Club is giving their mini track a face lift, we have added quite a few new obstacle's, big and challenging for the fast kids yet fun and friendly for the beginners, a couple new table tops, doubles and a whoop section. Hopefuly we can get some good pictures when we finish. The next race is the 16th and 17th of July so it should be top notch by then. Not to mention the big track has a couple new sections as well as the entire track has been freshened up.
  6. albatross

    Who has the best mini track ? ?

    Any opinions on which tracks have the best set-up for the little guys ? What do or don't you like about the tracks ? And how about some pictures . . . Thanks
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  8. albatross

    Drowning problems with the 110?

    my son and my nephew also have drz 110's and both have the problem, it doesn't seem to be a problem in the rain it is after going threw water puddles both small and big, now my other nephew has an 03 klx 110 and he can ride at the bottom of a lake without a problem. i tried to simulate the conditions with the bike running and a garden hose and couldn't really get it to stall out or hardly even sputter and i sparyed water everywhere on that bike. but the first time out riding in wet puddly weather it started doing it again. i will try the sparkplug trick and vent hose rerouting. thanks tony d
  9. albatross

    GPS? Which one do I NEED?!

    my brother and i both have the rhino 120. as previously posted the radio does have alot to be desired the most range we could get in the woods was just under a mile so the range that they spec of 5 mile to 2 mile is way off. but as far as the gps it is woderful we used this fall in the deep deep woods of michigans upper pennysala and it worked great. the controls and operation of the gps is very easy and the are some really good software out there for it very rugged i really abused mine and it showed no sign of wear definatley a thumbs up tony d