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  1. youngblood

    Stock '04 YZ Suspension Settings??

    From the manual that came with the 2004 Yz250f that was stolen out of my garage it reads.. Front fork rebound damping force adjustment (the one on top of the fork) Standatd position 13 clicks out, 15 for Europe. Front fork compression damping force adjustment (the one on the bottom of the fork) Standard position 12 clicks out, 10 for Europe. Rear shock absorber high compression damping force adjustment (the nut on the top of the shock) Standard position about 1-1/4 turns out. Rear shock absorber low compression damping force adjustment (the one on the top of the rear shock) Standard position 12 clicks out, 10 for Europe. Rear shock absorber rebound damping force adjustment (the one on the bottom of the shock) Standard position 13 clicks out, 12 for Europe. Hope this helps.
  2. youngblood

    Tracks in Georgia

  3. youngblood

    Tracks in Georgia

    We are planning a trip to Buford Georgia and would like to find some of the closest tracks to ride at and practice fees. Any kind of heads up on any strange rules to expect would help also. Thanks for your help.
  4. youngblood

    06 yz 250f price?

    We picked ours up on last Friday for 5399.00 OTD. We love it! Thanks again Bubba!!!
  5. youngblood

    New 2006 YZ250f

    Aww picked her up today. She sure is pretty. I almost crashed on I-10 on the way home watching her in the back getting all wet from the rain that is. Thanks Bubba and Bardwell Yamaha for the sweet deal.
  6. youngblood

    New 2006 YZ250f

    A couple of kids broke into our house and stole it out of our garage. One is 17 and left his fingerprints in our house. He is squealing on the other one. But since the other is a minor and we have no hard proof then there is nothing by law that we can do to him. Except wait until he becomes of age and well you know the drill. I have asked for restitution and a stiff jail time from the Harris County DA on the one punk that is 17. We are playing the wait and see game right now. He had his second court date today and his lawyer postphoned it again. Next court date is March 16th. I hope they fry his rear end!
  7. youngblood

    New 2006 YZ250f

    Awwww after a long await for a new bike we are picking one up on Friday. Thanks to the scum bags that took our beloved 2004 YZ250f we will end up with this shinny new blue one. Cant wait to watch the boy try and destroy this one.
  8. youngblood

    yz 250f problems/stuff needed

    "also do i need the procircuit thing that lets you drain the oil without draining the coolant " WHAT you must have been talking with a Honda guy!
  9. youngblood

    How much OTD 2005 YZ 250F?

    Thumpermatic, You are correct with Bardwell Yamaha. I couldnt find anything cheaper. It looks as if you will be headed to Mississippi real soon. Tell Bubba hello for me. We have an 04 and are waiting for the 06 model to come out then we are going to try to get one. cm67yz - Are you in Highlands are is that another Tejas Motorsports?
  10. youngblood

    YZF price managment

    Its worth the drive. Bardwell dont play price wars. What they tell you is what you get. They sell bikes. Isnt that what they are suppose to do? Make the customer happy, thats what they did for me. I am sold on BARDWELL YAMAHA.
  11. youngblood

    Scotts SS filter question...

    The Scotts filter kicks tail. We put one in our sons bike and man it works. Glad that we got it.
  12. youngblood

    Blown up 04 250f

    Our 04 Yz250F came apart a couple months ago and we got every part from Bardwell Yamaha in Brookheaven Miss. that we needed. They was by far the most willing to help us get our bike back together. Call them up. Ask for Bubba and tell him your story. He is there to help and I would be willing to bet that he will. We got our bike back together and it runs like new. Actually it feels better then new. Thanks to the Bardwell Team. Good Luck with your bike.
  13. youngblood

    YZF price managment

    Bardwell dont play games. You will get the same deal that I get/got. My buddy justed picked up his 05 Saturday and he was riding today. Call them up and ask for yourself.
  14. youngblood

    YZ250f maintenace info

    Got the boy's bike back together and go figure he went to stay the night with his friends. So maybe Sunday or next week he can break it in and start riding it again. Thanks again to: Bubba and the whole Bardwell Yamaha Staff for the parts hook up, Ronnie at RPM Cycles in New Caney,Texas for the Labor hook up, Most of all Thanks to Yamaha for building the BEST 250F on the Planet!
  15. youngblood

    stainless steal oil filter??

    We just purchased one after our son trashed the motor. All the paperwork says that it flows more oil, which is good right? I guess I will find out byu the end of the week. That is after we get the motor back together.