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  1. bagman

    engine coolent additive

    thanks for all the imput, i believe im am going to try the engine ice. Thanks again to everyone who replied!
  2. bagman

    engine coolent additive

    I have a crf450 and am wandering ,should i use the water wetter additive or use just engine ice? Any suggestions would help.
  3. bagman

    durhamtown motocross vacation

    Has anybody ever stay in the cabins at durhamtown mx in Geogia? What condiontion are they in? I am planning a motocross vacation with my daughter and heard about this place.Does anyone have any other suggestions where to go?
  4. bagman

    durhamtown motocross vaction

    anyone ever stay in the cabins durhamtown MX in (Georgia) has on their property. What kind of condition are they in ,I what to take my daughter on a motocross vacation and i heard about this place. Any other suggestions where to go?
  5. will the 2004 crf450 piston fit in my 2003 crf450 with no head modifications.
  6. bagman

    ic pressure spring

    how hard is it to ,get the fork cap assembly out of a 2003 crf450, to change the damper spring, can you do it with the forks on the bike? Is there a special way to remove this unit without losing oil or is it a easy job . I have a service manuel and it looks like, it just unscrews out of the damper tube, anything that looks this easy is usually a nightmare. HELP!
  7. bagman

    Shock spring wearing hole in midpipe

    i had the same problem with my crf450 when i put a heavier shock spring on fron factory con.. I never found out any answers, so i got a piece of round metal stock about 2 inches in diameter and placed a concave(dent) where the scrape was work perfect runs great . I think it is just a aftermarket thing, also make sure first your subframe is not bent!
  8. bagman

    piston project

    who has changed their piston? How many hours were on your bike,did you use a stock piston or aftermarket?
  9. bagman

    Can't Get 2003 CRF to Carve!!

    i put a set of rg3 20mm offset triple clamps on my 2003crf450 ,and i can dive into the corners now ,what a difference, also stiffen up your rebound. im 205 pounds and am running 102mm of sag. on a 5.7 rear spring with 28mm of static sag, this seemed to work for me
  10. bagman

    enzo sub tanks

    anybody using them, what do you think of them
  11. bagman

    clutch discs

    whats the best clutch fricton discs to use?