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  1. WoodsRider452

    Any Duel Sport Riders In Barry County Area?

    PM me. I live in that area and have been riding the tires off of a KLX250S.
  2. WoodsRider452

    How Do I Use The "Image" Icon?

    Thats what i thought... I have pics uploaded to Photobucket. When i copy and paste the URL, all it shows is a box with a X? I will try again and see if i can figuire it out. Thanks.
  3. Ok im starting to feel like an idiot. How do I insert/post pics?
  4. WoodsRider452

    JS7.. just stay home

    I am not a fan of Stewart but did pretty well considering what position he was in at the start. No doubt the guy is fast but it just seems he doesnt have much determination anymore. I am cheering for RD all the way, hope he can win another. If not, this season will get pretty boring with Reed out. He was gonna give RV a run for his money. Go RD5!
  5. WoodsRider452

    Balls of steel

    OMG notice when crashed @1:30 and went down that hill he skipped off a wall of stones I read recently that the IOM is ranked the most dangerous race in the world.
  6. WoodsRider452

    Snow Scramble In Battle Creek March 4th

    Have you ever raced in a Hare Scramble before? I would say just pace yourself and try to make as few mistakes as possible. Dont ride over your head, hold your line when the faster guys pass you and have fun. Theirs alot more tips but its been covered, just do a search.
  7. WoodsRider452

    Snow Scramble In Battle Creek March 4th

    Check the link... Two studded classes A and B. One non-studded class. After the rain and warm weather we had today in BC, i dont think there will be much/any snow. It should be pretty muddy though and the high temp for Sunday is 34.
  8. WoodsRider452

    Removing A Light Kit

    Have an Enduro Engineering light kit and wondering - Do you just unplug the connectors directly behind the headlight or the whole wire harness. Cant see where the wire plugs in from the tail light, i know it runs through the airbox but dont see any clips/connectors. This kit is just a bolt on with simple easy on/off connections right? Maybe it was just a long day at work and need to look at it in some daylight tomorrow... thanks
  9. Unless you are in pretty good shape, expect to be exhausted as hell after the race. I know that i was about to puke in my helmet at the end of my first one and it was only 2 hours.
  10. WoodsRider452

    broken wrist due to barkbusters

    I thought that I broke my wrist last summer. Hit a tree hard and flipped over the bars. Wrist was swollen and sliced from the plastic deflector but nothing broken. Honestly dont know if my wrist kinda hung up or the impact from the ground caused the swelling (probably both). Still will not remove them, they have served there purpose and probably would have broken a couple fingers by now if not for them. As mentioned, theirs a risk but how many people have avoided injury because of handguards... alot. Just keep them at a downward angle so you are less likely to get hung up if you crash.
  11. WoodsRider452

    Snow Scramble In Battle Creek March 4th

    I should also mention this is a non-points event so you dont have to be an AMA or District 14 member to race. I will be there and try to get pics of all the riders. (Cant race, still recovering from surgery) Hope to be healed up for the National Hare Scramble April 7th.
  12. A Snow Scramble is being held at the Battle Creek Motorcycle Club this Sunday 3/4. For more info... http://battlecreekmotorcycleclub.com/default.aspx
  13. WoodsRider452

    Sold my 2001 CR 250 for a 2007 YZ450f ?

    Dude your CR was blinged out with Metal Mulisha graphics!?! No way would I sell that...
  14. WoodsRider452

    Chicks dig scars

    Chicks do not dig scars, they dig money. Lots and lots of money.
  15. WoodsRider452

    Any stick and ball sports have no-alcohol areas?

    If you dont like drinking at the races, dont go to Redbud. Its like a giant college party in the parking lot.