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  1. I recently bought a new KTM 525EXC from a dealer. It's only 3 weeks old as a matter of fact. When I picked the bike up from the dealership I noticed an oil leak. I pointed it out to the owner of the place and he said that it wasn't a problem and that some oil had just spilled over the side of the motor when the guys in the shop were topping off the oil. I took the bike home and rode it twice, I put a total of 48 miles on the bike. I noticed that the oil leak was back. The oil was leaking out of the bottom of the case in the back as well as the front of the case by the cylinder. I brought the bike back to the dealer and he still seems to think it's not a big deal. It's a big deal to me though. I bought a brand new bike and 3 weeks later it's in the shop. The owner is talking about taking apart the case and possibily putting in a new gasket. Here is my question and hopefully one of you who reads this can offer me some solid advice. Should I request a new motor? Or should I allow them to crack that case open and do the work which I am very worried about. I am afraid it won't be put back to factory specs and after all, I paid for a new bike and it is already in the shop with only 48 miles on it. Any advice would be much appreciated. Are there any other problems that you know that could happen if I allow them to open the case? If they over filled the oil could this cause all these oil leaks down the entire length of the case? I am pretty stressed out over this deal to say the least, I kind of feel like I may have been sold a defective bike from the get go, but I don't want to jump the gun and say something I may regret later if the problem is not serious. Thank you for your time.
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    KTM 525 EXC

    I want to buy a new KTM 525 and I have heard some rumors that the cam shaft bolts have been loosening up. Has anyone had this problem? Do you think this is the best new 4-stroke on the market with regrads to reliability? I'd really appreciate your feedback. Thanks.
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    KTM 525

    Hey man what's up? Does any body have any experience with the new KTM 525? I'm thinking about getting one, would like to hear from somebody who actually owns one and has riden it. Is it the best new 4-stroke out there or what? Have you had any problems with the cam shaft bolts loosing up?