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  1. kaboom23

    99 YZ400F Loosing Coolant

    I have a 98 YZF400 and it looses coolant as well. Its a motox bike so it hates to sit still when its running. It was designed to constantly be on the move. Mine shoots out of the overflow tube when I sit at an idle. I havent found anything to prevent it from happening. Just stay on the throttle.
  2. kaboom23

    YZF 400 Exhaust

    Anybody selling an aftermarket exhaust for a 98 YZF400. I wrecked and messed mine up so now I need a new one. Thanx.
  3. kaboom23

    crf 250 vs crf 450

    Well put. Of course the 450 has more power. Common sense comes into play here. Although, depending on the track and the rider it is possible to pull faster lap times on the 250 than the 450.
  4. kaboom23

    Twin air powerflow in stock cage??

    The point of buying the cage is to get rid of the restricting stock sreen cage. You wont notice any power difference without the new cage. It would be the same as just buying a regular TwinAir or UNI filter.
  5. I just purchased a 2005 CRF250R and I am looking for a good way to get more top end out of it. I have put a T4 exhaust on it but that helped the low to mid range. I know changing the sproket sizes is 1 way. But Im looking for some more ideas. Any input would be appreciated. Thanx. Brian
  6. i have a 98 yz 400 and i was wondering if anybody knows how much an aftermarket exhaust would actually help me performance wise due 2 it already having a factory racing exhaust?