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  1. https://www.harborfreight.com/automotive-motorcycle/lifts-stands/dirt-bike-stand-67151.html
  2. capt justin

    Looking to ride in SC.

  3. capt justin

    Question about tubliss system

    mine doesn't lose any air, I only run about 5 psi btw
  4. you wont be able to start it, lol
  5. capt justin

    Moving to North Carolina

    outback atv , cape fear mx are two good ones that are close, brushy mt, brown mt, both to the west are good as well. Carolina adv world is worth checking out as well
  6. capt justin

    outback this weekend

    how about tomorrow?
  7. capt justin

    98 yz125 fouling plugs

    how many hours on the top end?
  8. I use a 5x8 and no wheel chocks, I put the middle bike in backwards and tie the wheel to the mesh gate. I tie the front wheels of the outside two bikes to the front of the trailer. As long as the front wheels cant move side to side the bikes will be fine. 9 yrs no problems with the tie downs coming loose. I do use forksavers, not for the fork seals, but to keep the straps from loosening up from bounce.
  9. capt justin

    What 450 should I get for trails

    4 wheeler on single track huh, sounds like some wide trails to me, You would be better off with a smaller displacement bike to start out on, 450 is a big bike for a beginner. just curios are you a big guy? is that why the 250s are not strong enough? Ive seen a couple of guys start out on wr 450's and not enjoy the sport due to the weight and tall stature of the bike.
  10. capt justin

    What 450 should I get for trails

    what bikes have you ridden? how are the trails you ride, single track or fire roads? as far as enough power, you might want a 500 two stroke if the 450 doesn't have enough.
  11. capt justin

    Non contact Laser Photo Tachometer

    you don't need a tach, just set the idle so the bike stays running , some people like the bike to idle for a few seconds and then die, however to make that tach work you would need to remove the stator cover and apply tape to the flywheel.
  12. capt justin

    Cleaning a clay encrusted O-ring chain?

    I've read that wd40 will dissolve the lubrication out of the oring chains and hurt the orings themselves, Im guilty of spraying my chain with it after a bath, but only a light coat and then I wipe dry.
  13. capt justin

    Urgent bike flooded with water

    use cheap oil and change it often, til its not milky.
  14. capt justin

    WR250R Rear Wheel

    find a used wheel on ebay and go that route, probably find one with a slight ding for less than $200
  15. capt justin

    Race gas during break in?

    eth premium will be fine, just mix up only the amount you plan on running and drain the tank and carb when done, The eth fuel doesn't store well in open tanks or fuel cans. It will run fine in the Yami, been running it for years before my local store started selling non eth