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  1. Hey all the 125 C and B class riders I have a question. My son Most of you know has been racing for almost 4 years now this year he has moved up to the 125's I put him in the 125 Novice class straight off from the start. He rides ausome for no longer than he has been on the bike, BUT he can never get past the fact that he gets beat every race he gets into. He does not consider himself a beginner *neither do I* During practice he kicks my booty pretty good. But during races he gets beat, Not bad but beat is beat. He is discouraged because he can't seem to move up in the pack that is riding the NOVICE class.....Have I made an error in throwing him in the NOVICE class without trying and Sizing him up in the Beginner 125 class. I am confused. (I have been around this sport for most of my life and thought I was doing the right thing, I feel I did, BUT seeing his discouragment I am second guessing myself) Should I move him to the beginner class one race and see what he thinks or feels? I need input here. He loves toride , Practice and RACE. And I KNOW there are alot of 125 NOVICE GUYS that are really INTERMEDIATE runners that won't move up. And sometimes I can't blame them, Especially if it makes you feel like my HANGTIME does right now! I need HONEST OPINIONS here.... Thanks, the second guesser.... Mikey 562