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  1. WSA

    crf intake valve wear HELP!!!

    Hi Guys, All of the carb vent filters below (and/or products that might be similar) are designed to address contamination from carb vents. http://www.**********.com/prod_t6cf.php http://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/2908 WSA
  2. WSA

    Torn acl and what i should do???

    Agree on the research. Again.. I'm not a Doc, but I found one I trusted and had some impressive resume and success with olympic skiers. I believe there are many variables that need to be considered ranging from your specific anatomy, your specific injury, age and possibly your doctors specialty. Some doc's will specailize in sports injuries while others geriatrics/replacements...etc. Find the right doctor for you. There are also pros and cons to each procedure. Do your homework here and ask lots of questions. Not all procedures will apply to your scenario and you may not find a doctor who will offer all options available. Regardless, I'd leave it to a pro that you trust and who has shown success with pateints in the specific procedure your drawn too or are recommended. I found it helpful to ask around in the gyms during my prehab seeking out others in the "ACL club" doing post Op (look for those with knee braces on exercise bikes) ... you may find a out who to stay way from or who you will want to go see. There are multiple options and LOTS of opinions. I believe the procedure recommended to me from my doctor based on my injury, my age, my committment to rehab and my expectations in post op were optimal for my scenario. Again, I'm not a Doc. There may be procedures superior to others statistically... but I'd hedge the advantage would be marginal and you'd be more successful with a well prescribed procedure that fits the variables you have to deal with... especially if your committed to the pre/post rehab (can't emphasize rehab enough). Again... good luck.
  3. WSA

    Torn acl and what i should do???

    Firstly... I'm not a Doc. But I've suffered a torn ACL and went through the learning curves of all of the decisions you are going to face. My first advice... prioritize your knee over riding (if only for a few months). My second "first advise"... start a rehab program NOW. Sure you might get by without... and you might be able to ride... but you won't heal long term correctly without pre op rehab and surgery. Think about this.. without your ACL... there is "nothing" preventing hyper extension of your knee. One foot plant, one akward pivot turn or twist exposes your knee to further damage in the from of further tendon tears, meniscus or bone damage...etc. Even with a brace that protects from hyper extention... a brace will not protect against twist. An akward twist or straircase which will remind you really quick that you don't have an ACL. ACL's don't heal... you need something done in it's place. The hard part is going to be which treatment is best for you. The Doc above mentioned some interesting options. I personally did the hamstring graft after regaining full range of motion in pre op rehab. I'd realistically put my knee back at around the 85-90% normal. I think results vary from person to person... injury to injury. Don't think what you heard from me or anyone else is what you will go through. You will have to face your own challenges. My advice... Don't race... accept that you have an F'd up knee and focus on rehab and recovery. I think you will be better off in the long run. Good Luck.
  4. WSA

    A day @ Moonrocks

    Thanks... nice vids. Like it out there? I've been a few times. Lots of whoops. Watch for the open grazing cows when blastin the fireroads.
  5. WSA

    2006 TE510 or KTM 400 EXC?

    FYI in case you did not already know, TE510 is a close ratio tranny. Just wanted to mention this point since it is often made when comparing with KTM EXC models. Good Luck
  6. WSA

    how to change front sprocket?

    From what I've learned reading a bunch of posts, asking lots of questions and looking at different bikes... I'm convinced that a little bit of play with a clip type CS is normal. But I think there have been a few cases who have experienced different fits between sprockets. Lot's of theories on the latter ranging from CS shaft wear, tight chains, incorrect hardening, improperly cut sprocket cog openings, lack of maintenance...etc. I really worried about it reading through various threads but have become comfortable with the conclusion that a little bit of play can be expected on a sprocket mounted to the CS with clip. Mine was noticable with the stocker, noticed some slight wear on the sprocket (not noticed until a trained eye from Dirt Tricks pointed it out). CS spline looked ok, but I keep it lightly greased. New Ironman CS now has negligable play. To keep on topic.. I used the tool suggested above to remove/replace my sprocket
  7. WSA

    Baja Trip of Lifetime - 2009!

    Epic Thanks for sharing
  8. WSA

    how to change front sprocket?

    Sorry if it is a hijack... but what MFG sprocket did you use and did you notice any difference in fit on the countersprocket? (tighter/looser/backlash..etc) The tool suggested made it easier for me too.
  9. WSA

    cycra pro bend handgaurds ???

    I'm running the Pro bend with U-Clamp style. Scotts underbar mount w/ 1 1/8Windham bend Pro Tapers. Fits good. I only had to angle the clutch lever down a bit further than I was used too... but nothing I could not work around by trimming my lever if I wanted. It works great for me without any mods, grinding or cutting otherwise. I have not had my bar ends tweak as others have reported, but have not really had a big drop yet (knock on wood)
  10. WSA

    Aftermarket Hourmeters for Huskys?

    Just a side note/warning... If you have a Euro3 with the ignition switch... the hour meter will keep logging with the key on and motor off. I've left my key on more than once... lets just say the numbers say I'm ALOT slower than I actually am. Calculating the number of hours I've logged with number of miles (160 +- hours/800 miles= .2 MPH avg). In real life I'm a few MPH faster... but not much more than that . Plus I'd expect anyone to be skeptical if I ever sold it. I think anyone in this situation would benefit from adding a aftermarket hour meter in addition to the built it one.
  11. WSA

    TE 510 Clarke Tanks

    If you have a Euro3 version (with Rad fan), I've read there are some fitment issues with the IMS. Not sure about the Clarke, but something to look out for if this is your case whichever tank you go with. Good Luck
  12. WSA

    GS Crashes and Burns

    Thanks for all your contributions to TT and across the full spectrum of the motorcross world by making hundrends... thousands more improved, knowledgable and safer when riding. All the best to you in your recovery. Looking forward to maybe hearing more about what you may have learned with this unfortunate experience... other than slowing down... Thanks again
  13. WSA

    Making a Video

    Nice vids... You might get a more bites in the general forum. But here is a forum that has all kinds of info on various editing software. The site focuses on a specific vendor of camera, but has some sub catagories on video editing software. Read all the stickies before posting or you'll get flamed by a lot of the artsy creative video mastermind types (lots of helpful people though). http://www.hv20.com/forumdisplay.php?f=19 I like Sony Vegas Platinium... a little complicated to learn. but pretty easy once you get the hang of it. You can do HD and SD and includes DVD SW and direct upload to youTube..etc Pretty cool. you'll need a pretty hefty computer if your doing HD. But an average CPU should be ok for uTube vids. There are a few others that seem popular too. Each have their pros. cons and quirks... just like bikes. Good luck and thanks for sharing your vids.
  14. WSA

    Check Your Countershaft Sprocket

    BTW... just as another reference for my previous post. Bought the 07 new March 08. Currently 750 miles.
  15. WSA

    Check Your Countershaft Sprocket

    Thanks for the heads up... I checked my 07 TE450 (Euro3) and found backlash on the countershaft sprocket as well. Out of curiosity I checked for backlash on my CRF450 and there is none. Not apples and apples, but I thought it might support the thermal expansion theory if I found it (backlash) on the Honda too... which I didn't. I'm skeptical about the thermal expansion story as well. I think I will bring it up with my Dealer and see what they might have seen or heard. I'm pretty comrfortable they will be straight with me too. If anything, maybe I'll pick up an aftermarket sprocket and see if the backlash follows. The good news is I don't "see" anything that makes me think the shaft is worn (or the sprocket for that matter either... wierd). but PLEASE let me know how I can confirm. The mismatched angle theory makes the most sense to me. Anyone else find this?