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  1. NorCalBusa

    I need to get it REALLY good shape

    Sorting through the tons of stuff about it online is daunting. I've heard repeatedly one of the very, very best tools is less than $10- a jump rope. Hand/eye coordination, balance, helluva workout. I'd find a good gym and get a trainer and sports dietitian, sounds like you need some strength and endurance building. Let us know how it goes!
  2. NorCalBusa

    GPS Map of Clear Creek?

    Any make/have one? I really need to get the trails into my Garmin. By the way, BLM has new, color maps available- I just bought the last handful they had, but more coming soon!
  3. NorCalBusa

    Good video on how to change a tire.

    Click view HERE.
  4. NorCalBusa

    450X keeps shutting off (But fires right back up)

    Sure sounds like a fuel starvation issue, not electrical, because it readily fires back up. I agree with the vent mention as the place to start, then work your way down the fuel path to the carb.
  5. Lots of Harley Davidson GM's making well North of $100k. Not likely to find that in the other bike lines. It's also relative to where you live, out here you can't even survive on $40k/yr. unless you got a wife/live in GF who is also making that or more.
  6. NorCalBusa

    450X add ons

    Ding-ding-ding: we have a winner! Acerbis is for shit, Cycra rocks. Skid plates add weight very low to the CG, so get something buff so you won't be mofo'ing it, when it breaks. Flatland is good, so are others. WRT ManFunnel- it really doesn't matter. Doing the oil and tran dump is a peice of cake (have to drop the Flatland plate if you want to clean every drop, but it's a 2 minute drill); a couple paper towels and you're off to the races again. Have fun!
  7. NorCalBusa

    New CRF450x woes

    Where in CA are ya Dennis? There's a great shop in the Bay Area; AfterShocks in Palo Alto, Hwy 101/San Antonio. They just did my X (and they've done my Bua's too). Phil (Douglas- owner) is a total dirt rider, so if ya tell him what you want, he'll set you up really well.
  8. NorCalBusa

    Rekluse set-up question

    Not sure if it applies- but my KTM buddies instaled the Rekluse and had all kinds of issues. A call to Rekluse discovered they had sent the wrong spacer or something, and they sent new ones. I'd give them a call- they've heard and solved it all by now and probably have an easy fix for ya.
  9. NorCalBusa

    Best place for accessories in so cal???

    Oh- and Chaparal in San Bernadino has a massive selection of stuff, as does Bert's in Covina. I live up North and drop some cabbage at one or the other every time I go to LA...
  10. NorCalBusa

    Best place for accessories in so cal???

    Can't go wrong with Tech 8's, kinda the definative boot. Lots of guys with $ are switching to Sidi's Crossfire - a fantastic boot by any measure. The Fox Forma-Pro is less than the Sidi, requires no break in, very comfy and good water resistance.
  11. NorCalBusa

    Pin Size Hole in Radiator! HELP!

    Ah- check out JB Stik . Its a two part dough (like clay) that comes in a roll. You mash the 2 parts together and have 15 minutes to get it wherever ya want- then it sets up. Cool stuff and no run at all.
  12. NorCalBusa

    Battery Tender JR for your 450X & CYCRA pro bend

    More like 5 amps Sir.
  13. NorCalBusa

    Battery Tender JR for your 450X & CYCRA pro bend

    Don't forget to FUSE that lead (between your toy and the charger). On my 450x, I hard wired a charger connector- and just dropped it down behind the plastics inside the air filter door. 2 second access, nothing to move.
  14. NorCalBusa

    Fork oil change- How to?

    Thanks...after looking at the manual, I decided to just drop the forks and take 'em in. If I got to do it watching/helping once, I'd be less concerned.
  15. NorCalBusa

    Fork oil change- How to?

    Is there a "How to" posted? I searched, but didn't find anything... TIA.