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  1. ejam

    Bike won’t shift into 4th after rebuild

    I just finished a full rebuild on a 2006 crf250r and I dnt recall seeing anything like that. Other than the one side of crank bearings that is roller type. Can the rollers fall out?
  2. ejam

    Bike won’t shift into 4th after rebuild

    Is it hollow? If so it could be a dowel pin. Or is it opened on one end. Could it be the part that goes over the clutch rod that pushes on the clutch pressure plate.
  3. ejam

    Yz125 or Yz250

    I see. Well you can get a nice used yz for under 4 grand and make it the way you want.
  4. ejam

    Yz125 or Yz250

    Why not just get the yz250x? I have a 2018, and ride mostly trails, and it is a beast! Its alot easier to ride on trails and will rev more than the yz250 on open areas. Every yz250 owner that has ridden my yz250x loves it. Of course this is trail riders that have spent a ton on their yz250 just to get it to perform like the yz250x does stock. Just my 2 cents.
  5. ejam

    Show your PIG

    Its clean. I found my 2002 650r a couple years ago with the story of it being a very low hour bike. And it looked it. But at the time, I didn't care if the story was true or not because I got it for a good price. After going over it with just reagular maintenance, I could tell it was a low hour bike. All the nuts and bolts that have that wax or paint markings were still there. The tires were original wit some dry rot. And I could tell as I put more miles on her the she was runner strong bit by bit. Here is a picture of how it looked when I had gotten it.
  6. The engine has been easy as far as rebuilding. I have bike back together and waiting on new jets for carb. The carb has a different pump plate on on it. I will have to research that to get familiar with it. I do agree that a 2 stroke is easier and cheaper to rebuild. I just like working on bikes. I have and awesome bike for trains and can do track too. It's a 2018 yamaha yz250x!
  7. ejam

    Post pics of your yz’s

    2018 yz250x
  8. ejam

    Show your PIG

    2002 warp 9 wheels, street legal xrs only full race exhaust, and pumper carb.
  9. ejam

    Premix ratio for my 18 YZ250?

    You want your bike to run clean and reliable? Use 40:1 Yamalube and add 1/2ounce hemp oil to full tank. For that high flying effect!
  10. ejam

    2006 spark plug thread repair?

    I'm a little OCD whe it comes to my bikes, so I plan on getting a new cylinder head.
  11. Around here, it seems like that's all people are looking for, the crf250r and crf450r. I shouldn't have a problem selling it. Or I may just keep it.
  12. ejam

    2006 spark plug thread repair?

    I just looked up timesert, man those kits are expensive. At least the one I looked at. It was for the spark plug repair.
  13. So, I picked up this 06 250r project for over the winter, and I have found that the spark plug isn't the right plug. The po had messed the threads and tapped to a larger thread size. My question is, will that be ok, or should I try to have it repaired? I got the bike as a non running bike that just needed the crank replaced. I have it torn down to install new oem crank and 2 trans bearings. While checking everything out I also found that the piston oil jet was broken and was just sitting in case freely waiting to fall out and cause a big problem. So mainly I'm concerned about the spark plug hole on the head. What is the right way to fix it? Thanks
  14. Well, I checked out the entire engine. It has new ss valves, new springs, heads been cleaned up. The cylinder is nice stock bore maybe new with just a few hours on it. Bottom end bearings are all tight. Just has the threaded section broke off on stator side. So new oem crank on order and new gaskets. Trans gears all look good and bearings too. I mainly traded because I like working on bikes. I also have a 2018 yz250x, so I dont need anymore 2 strokes unless I find a cr500r!
  15. 250R. I cant figure out how to edit post from phone