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  1. Look up mid body gasket. I have an 06 525 exc and had the same symptoms. Mid body gasket in mine was dried and cracked from age. Runs perfect now.
  2. I'm going with chrisso on this one. If it were my bike I wouldn't turn it over again till I found where those pieces came from.
  3. I took an old filter and cut it to fit the area where the drain is. I just oiled it real well and made sure it packed in tight down there out and of the way. My filter stays way cleaner now.
  4. Tmac, Thanks for the info. TRS sounds good. I will get signed up in a couple weeks when I get back in town. I'm not much into racing but more interested in trail riding and meeting other riders.
  5. Thanks for the tip. I've looked at their site but their process for signing up seemed a little off. It won't state how much the membership is but wants payment info. Probably just me. Anyone know membership amount? Sounds like a good idea.
  6. Before replacing the midgasket it would seem to run a little better after I rode it for maybe a half hour and as long as it was hot it wasn't awful but still way off. I cleaned and inspected the carb sooo many times. I'm not saying its for sure your problem but after what mine looked like after cooking in there for 11+ years it was way overdue. It took me more time to clean up the mess in there than to replace the gasket.
  7. The symptoms I had were very inconsistent idle and air screw had no effect even with stock jetting. Some times when I twisted the throttle it would hesitate for a moment and hit all at once. Occasionally I would start the bike and it would idle perfect until I touched the gas and it was a coin toss as to if it would fall on its face or try to jump out from under me. I had tried everything and was ready to get rid of the bike. Not sure if this is your problem but it's only about $30 out of pocket.
  8. If you take the float bowl off you will see 4 torx screws in there holding the top half and bottom half of carb together. That is where the gasket is. There is a discussion here on TT about it with great pictures. Do a quick search on mid body gasket.
  9. I have the same bike as you and had horrible running issues. My problem turned out to be the carb mid-body gasket. I am big on throttle control while riding and I was ready to get rid of the bike till I figured it out. Do a search on mid body gasket. It might answer your problem. Hope this helps.
  10. OK, how about anywhere near Sierra Vista?
  11. Do you know how many amps you want available for your electrical system? You should try to get a number in mind. You could go down one or two steps in gauge size but I wouldn't suggest any further than that. If you go too small in gauge size the wire will become resistive in the circuit. Figure up your actual current need and multiply by 1.5. Look at the data sheets of what ever wire you like and make sure it is rated for that amount of current. Dishes are done. Amps = watts/volts.
  12. Any riders here live in Sierra Vista, AZ? I'm looking for someone or a group to tag along with on rides in the area. I ride a 06 KTM 525 EXC that is street legal. I'm pretty much up to riding anywhere around here.
  13. I'm in the same boat as you in a way. I've been on bikes all my life and never even considered a KTM till about a year ago. I bought an 06 525 exc and they do things a bit different but wow what a bike. Sounds like yours is a low hour bike. Other than all the fluids maybe check the lower shock joint. They are a known issue if neglected. I went thru mine and replaced all the external seals. If you do the seal behind the front sprocket replace the washer on the lock nut.
  14. I ended up turning the screw out maybe a 1/4 turn and it was good. Never had it go so easy figuring out the jetting on a bike. Should have bought a lottery ticket. The gasket kit I bought was a K&L brand and fit in the groove perfect. I did put a couple very small dabs of waterproof grease in some corners to hold the gasket in place for assembly. I did make sure not to get any of the grease near any of the ports just in case.