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  1. Hmmmm, link didn't work. Check the video anyway.
  2. Where and what terrains you ride? I built a 250r Missile and rode it at Glamis for several years. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PdZl73r8eMM
  3. When I picked up my 06 a couple years ago I had the same problem. I ended up replacing the mid body gasket and every o-ring and all was cured. Do they use ethanol in the fuel you use? The years of fuel and heat cycles on all that rubber takes a toll. Set the pump timing first before you try anything else.
  4. Varget22

    Riding in Arizona

    Mine was expired at the time, it was maybe a year out of date. As long as the paperwork is legit it's worth a try.
  5. Varget22

    Riding in Arizona

    In Colorado did you get an OHV sticker? I moved here from Colorado a few years back and I took that little slip you get with the sticker with me to the MVD and had a title and plate in minutes. The dirty secret is that they are under staffed and don't inspect the bike. You just need a paper trail linking the bike to you so they have a way to process the registration. Give it a try.
  6. Varget22

    how fix crappy ktm wiring?

    Another place to check out is here. https://www.corsa-technic.com/index.php Costa-technic is the best place for connectors. I converted my 06 525 exc to all 12v. I had to gut the whole harness to do it. Love the bike but the electrical is minimal at best.
  7. Varget22

    Is it worth it? 2002 400 EXC

    The fan might be drawing just enough current to keep the battery from recharging while you are ridding. First thing I did to my 06 525exc was modify the stator and convert the whole electrical system to DC. I love everything KTM did on this bike but the electrical system.
  8. Varget22

    Is it worth it? 2002 400 EXC

    I would physically verify the VIN on the pink slip matches the VIN on the bike. Never take anyone's word.
  9. Varget22

    Is it worth it? 2002 400 EXC

    Two years ago I paid $3200 for a 06 525 EXC with about 120 hours. I've ridden Japanese bikes all my life and I like the RFS motor. When I bought mine I knew nothing about KTMs except one thing that always came up when I asked around. Get a RFS motor as new as possible. I got the 06 and its can take way more than I have to offer.
  10. Varget22

    Running rough

    Look up mid body gasket. I have an 06 525 exc and had the same symptoms. Mid body gasket in mine was dried and cracked from age. Runs perfect now.
  11. I'm going with chrisso on this one. If it were my bike I wouldn't turn it over again till I found where those pieces came from.
  12. I took an old filter and cut it to fit the area where the drain is. I just oiled it real well and made sure it packed in tight down there out and of the way. My filter stays way cleaner now.
  13. Varget22

    Accelerator pump torn up??

    I'm curious, what year bike is it?
  14. Varget22

    Sierra Vista AZ

    Tmac, Thanks for the info. TRS sounds good. I will get signed up in a couple weeks when I get back in town. I'm not much into racing but more interested in trail riding and meeting other riders.
  15. Varget22

    Sierra Vista AZ

    Thanks for the tip. I've looked at their site but their process for signing up seemed a little off. It won't state how much the membership is but wants payment info. Probably just me. Anyone know membership amount? Sounds like a good idea.