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    2016 Beta 300RR, 2008 Hayabusa
  1. samaki

    New RR300 for an old guy

    I bought a 2016 300RR for the exact same reason, and also have it plated. I run 14/48 gearing and it is perfect for the woods though a bit strung out on the street. I rarely do pavement time so it works well geared that way.
  2. I have some dents in my expansion chamber on my 2016 300RR that I would like to get repaired. More importantly, the left side has been pushed back enough that it is contacting my left side down tube, or more accurately, the skid plate in that area. Can anyone recommend a good source for pipe repair; one that knows Betas well enough to realign the system for normal new clearances with the frame?
  3. samaki

    What beta to buy

    I am referring to Bonecutter's Beta in California Missouri. He obviously loves Betas and goes the extra mile support the brand. I spoke to him at length before I bought my Beta and he was a big part of why I went ahead and bought one.
  4. samaki

    KTM fail with extreme enduro ?

    My experience locally here in SW Missouri is that the KTM/Husqvarna dealers have no problem selling the 2T bikes. 4T however is another matter, as they have them readily available on the sales room floor. I think the occasional switch to 4T is primarily a marketing strategy to sell more 4T bikes.
  5. samaki

    What beta to buy

    Having been a KTM guy for the past six years, 4T 350 XCF-W and 2T 300XC, I just bought my first Beta, a 2016 300RR. I did a lot of research on the Betas, since they were pretty much an unknown to me at that time. I must say that I love this Beta. Yes, there are a few quirks with the bike, being more of an exotic than the KTM, and my nearest knowledgeable dealer is over two hours drive away. Even with these considerations I am very pleased with the 300RR. The dealer I mentioned is very knowledgeable and has been very helpful dealing with me long distance. Something I know most dealers of more popular brands will not do. Main points for me were the lower seat height (almost 2 inches lower than my 300XC), oil injection system, easily tune-able power valve system and slightly smaller chassis. The smaller chassis makes it a great single track bike, like no KTM I have ever ridden. The after-market for the Beta is somewhat limited at this time, but based on what I am seeing this is soon to change as Betas are becoming more common every day. Watch the latest extreme enduro videos online and you will notice more and more Betas in the mix.
  6. samaki

    Oil Injection Warning Light Rewire

    Thank you drewnabobber! Your suggestion worked perfectly. I now have functioning warning lights mounted external of the instrument.
  7. samaki

    Oil Injection Warning Light Rewire

    Great. I will give that a try. You sound a lot more experienced with electronics than I am.
  8. samaki

    Oil Injection Warning Light Rewire

    Thanks for the input. To clarify, are you saying that the pink/purple wire from the bike harness should connect to one lead from the LED and the other lead should go to a 12 volt source?
  9. I am installing a Voyager on my 2016 300RR and want to retain the oil injection pump warning light which was formerly in the OEM Beta computer by installing a separate LED light for this purpose. I have found the pink/purple wire on the harness side of the connection at the computer that, according to the schematic, is the signal wire from the ECU for this function. The wire I am looking for should provide 12 volts for a brief time on start up as a self test, then drop off until a warning is warranted. As it is, this pink/purple wire provides 3.6 volts continuous after the bike is started, so obviously either this is not the correct wire or there is more to this system wiring than meets the eye. Has anyone here installed an aftermarket computer and been able to wire the oil injection warning light up separately?
  10. Does anyone have a DRZ400 flywheel puller that I can borrow for a one time use? I will be happy to pay the postage both ways. PM me if you can help. Thanks
  11. samaki

    The 1985 XR350R

    The 85 XR350 was truley a great bike and ahead of it's time. I owned quite a few up until 2000 when the WR400 Yamaha prices got within reach. My last one I plated and installed an inverted CR250 front end and rear disc brake. That was a great bike! I just purchased a totally stock 100% complete and original 85 XR350 in very good condition for the countershaft to repair a friends bike. I am parting the complete bike so if you are interested in a particular part, send me a PM or keep your eye on Ebay.
  12. I am looking for someone to ride off-road in the Branson area: Chadwick and similar type areas, plus someone with a dual sport for riding the Glade Top Trail. See my profile for my bikes etc and PM me if you are interested in riding and we can set something up.
  13. In Missouri I need turn signals, front/rear brake light, hi/lo, horn and mirrors. The bummer is I have to get it inspected every two years so I need to do something permanent yet removeable for off-road only days.
  14. I just got a 2001 400 EXC with a title and want to make it totally street legal, as it will not pass in my state the way it is now. It now has the rear brake light kit installed, but nothing else. Is there a total kit available for this bike to make it street legal or do you have to piece the kit together yourself with parts from various vendors? Who has done this and where did you get the parts to do it? Thanks
  15. samaki

    Need WR250 Speedometer Drive Gear

    The plastic drive gear is all I need; the one that is in the drive hub that the speedometer cable screws onto.