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  1. shekmark

    2 wheel tuesday

    I believe I saw the same guy live at the International Bike show in NYC 2 years ago. A Scandinavian. Totally awesome.
  2. I understand the idea that these are race bikes, but the choices are limited. I had aYZF250 and it was fun but too "racey" so I got a CRF 230 electric start. It felt like the XR 100. Finally got the EXC 400 used, and love it. The battery died from non use and cold. The first thought was that I was going to have to kick it 50 times like my YZF, but it started First kick! Very smooth power for an old novice like me. I may not be able to repair it myself, but that is what my local shop if for, right?
  3. shekmark

    KTM exc250 Racing or WR250F

    Go for the 400 or 450 EXC
  4. This is an interesting thread. What tires would you use for this general purpose riding. I have a street legal 400exc with dunlop knobbies 773? I wonder if a dual purpose tire would just be a compromise everywhere. I'd love supermoto tires but I know I won't be swapping tires. I just like to get on and ride. 50/50 street and trails. NJ is often sandy off road.
  5. I'm fairly new to off road, and 46yrs old. I have no trouble with my 2001 KTM 400exc. It is very easy to ride.
  6. shekmark

    why 17inch wheels

    Why are 17 inch wheels so much better for street ? I would love a set of street tires/wheels for my KTM, but the cost is too high. If I kept my 18 inch rear and tried to find a used ,smaller front wheel, what kind of tires would you recommend for street riding? I'm not going to do any racing.
  7. shekmark

    450 big bore kit

    How much did the kit and install cost?
  8. I just sold my YZ250F and bought a used 02 KTM 400EXC. It is the best. I'm 46yrs old and fairly new to off road. I can putt around all day with the kids. The bike seems underpowered untill you get on the gas and bring up the rpms. It's very cool. Go for it. Mine is street legal also. What a kick riding around the street. I'm thinking of buying an extra set of wheels ant street tires.
  9. shekmark

    Dual sport tires

    My KTM400EXC has Dunlop 733 knobbies. Anyone know how street riding will affect them? I know they will wear more quickly, but I'm wondering how quick. Is it really bad for them? Thanks
  10. shekmark

    Hard seat

    Anyone have the web site for Enduro Engineering. I can't find it.
  11. shekmark

    Jumping a 250exc?

    I just got a 400 EXC and it feels, to me, alot like my YZF250. It wheelies best in 2nd gear but does not ever feel like it wants to flip over, not at all. I wonder if the 250 is less powerful? Is it a 4 stroke?
  12. shekmark

    first ride 400EXC

    I love this bike! I feel like it could be ridden all day in 2nd gear.
  13. shekmark

    using front brake

    OK, on the street I barely use the back brake. So your saying use the same basic tech off road, even into the turn. Great, I appreciat the advice. Do you teach small kids the same? I picturen them wiping out like crazy?
  14. shekmark

    400EXC used cost?

    Bought the 02 for 4900 at used dealer/repair shop. Has steereing damper and full street legal . Tested it in parking lot and loved the feel. Thanks for help.
  15. Just tested and bought an 02 400exc. I'm loving it so far.