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  1. JOESYZ250F36

    X Arena....

    IF ITS THE LOT i think they plan on building it in then there is no way i see all of that stuff fitting in there and then add parking in there
  2. WHAT a sighh of pleasure
  3. JOESYZ250F36

    X Arena....

    hmm HAve they even broke ground for this place yet i work At the Prison right down the road 3 min tops.. would be nice to ride after work.. But like someone else said its in the hood of trenton and ewing
  4. JOESYZ250F36

    Extra 03 YZ250F parts for sale

    Do you have both of the rims If so how much for both the front and rear rims JOE
  5. JOESYZ250F36


    hmm Lets see ... Kevin windham SAYS it helps handling.. IM sure I could compare myself to Kevin Windham.. But I can only tell you what i bought and my experiences..14" FMF TI4 with SX power Bomb Header.
  6. JOESYZ250F36

    Funniest Things Said by a Dealer

    HA!! well i was calling around Bike shops a few weeks ago trying to find an iridium plug for my bike and one parts guy asked my why would you want to put an iridium plug in your bike?? HE obviuosly has NO CLUE.. AT another Shop I had wanted to order a twin Air BAckfire proof filter and the cage from a YZ250.. The Parts guy asked me well if you have a 250F then why do you want the 250 filter cage ..Again ..NO CLUE
  7. JOESYZ250F36

    bars.....(not bend either)

    Break down buy a new set Go with Pro tapers ..I switched to them a few years ago and wont go BAck JOE
  8. hey MXC!! Go to motosportoutlet.com thats where i bought my Ti 4 Pipe with mId pipe seems they have the best prices around I also bought a used Power bomb Header.. GOOD CHOICE JOE
  9. JOESYZ250F36

    Tire Q

    hey! I always liked the Dunlop 756s front and rear...Go with the 100/90/19 on the rear JOE
  10. JOESYZ250F36

    Buying a Raced YZ250F

    ID have to agree with every one else, There is no way in hell that bikewas raced or even ridden for 20 hrs, 1. Look at the shroud Graphics thereis not even the slightest sign of brown from your pants and boots rubbing. 2 Of course the frame and if it was repainted you could still be able to determine where the frame was touched up.. IF i were you I would WALK AWAY... You will always find another bike there are a sh$t load of them out there.. No need to get beat for 3K JOE
  11. hey!! hmm maybe someone can gimme a good place to start, i have an 04 YZ250F with AN FMF 14IN pipe and PowerBomb header. I also am thinkin about running VP Ultimate 4 fuel...does anyone have real experiences with the fuel and power improvements also what are running as far as jetting goes. I live in NJ thanks JOE
  12. hey! well i was wondering if there was anyone in NJ who runs VP ultimate 4 in their bike? If so What kinda jetting are you also running thanks JOE
  13. JOESYZ250F36

    raceway park on sunday

    yeah im a sandbagger.. Kinda Funny was actually only my 5th race ever.. lets see and i have been riding on the track for about 3 years on and off in between my crashes...Just ride hard and Make the money in the Corners..
  14. JOESYZ250F36

    Raceway Park on 3/28/04

    YOUR hired so when do i start my lessons JOE
  15. check out this website www.firepolicebenefitmx.com thanks JOE