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  1. volcomrr

    New Clutch Basket - Shorter Friction Length

    I actually did that when I was swapping them out, the Tusk HD springs were definitely stiffer and had a noticeably thicker coil.
  2. volcomrr

    New Clutch Basket - Shorter Friction Length

    It was the exact opposite, the Tusk springs were stiffer than OEM, hence HD (heavy duty)
  3. volcomrr

    New Clutch Basket - Shorter Friction Length

    I took the HD Tusk springs out and put the OEM springs back in and that made all the difference. It's engaging and pulling as it should. Thanks for the help!
  4. volcomrr

    New Clutch Basket - Shorter Friction Length

    This is an interesting comment I saw on the judder spring in the pic:
  5. volcomrr

    New Clutch Basket - Shorter Friction Length

    They did not, however I just cross referenced my engine # with the OEM parts diagram and supposedly I'm supposed to have the extra plate and judder spring but I didn't remove one from my bike! Super stumped now!
  6. volcomrr

    New Clutch Basket - Shorter Friction Length

    Thanks man, I'll give that a try.
  7. volcomrr

    New Clutch Basket - Shorter Friction Length

    Yea I'm not gonna roll over on the whole "you bought cheap parts." I made the OEM clutch and basket last 4 years with 200+ hrs (side note) (lost count after the hour meter fell off). If Wiseco made cheap parts I'm not so sure they'd put a lifetime warranty on the basket. Tusk clutches has gotten plenty of good reviews.... you'd be surprised how well branding can entice someone to purchase another's product. People knock Pro Wheel Rims all the time but I've never once had a problem with mine. Anybody have any ideas other than "you bought cheap parts"?
  8. All, Recently my 2010 CRF250R clutch basket began to groove so I purchased a Wiseco clutch basket with Wiseco rubber cushions, Tusk clutch friction and steel plates, and Tusk clutch springs. I've had the bike since brand new and have always had a nice clutch feel when slipping the clutch off the gate at the start of the race, through the turns, etc (I ride it somewhat like a 125). However, after the change to the new components, I raced the following weekend, and for the life of me I couldn't get a start, and could not get through a turn. The symptoms: If you had to assign a number to the length between engaged and disengaged clutch, it would be a 10 for the old components, a 5 for the new. The friction distance seems so short now. The clutch cable is adequately adjusted and lubed. I kept wheeling off the start (with holeshot fork device engaged) and I also kept popping out of ruts in turns. When I let the clutch lever out, the clutch engages so hard and fast, the bike wheelies/pops up at the beginning of the slip and then bogs once the lever is completely out (all of this happening in a split second). Getting on the throttle from a low RPM with the clutch engaged the bike accelerates as it should, so it's not slipping. I soaked the plates before installing. What gives? New springs? New plates? New basket? New cushions? I'm a B rider and a decent mechanic so I'm completely stumped here. Shoot of some ideas fellas, I'd appreciate it!
  9. Thanks guys. My friend is offering a $1,000 reward if someone finds it.
  10. Thanks buckmaster! We're both gonna be checking Craigslist and eBay for a while.
  11. Thanks guys, yea thieves are no good. Def. been checking craigslist, really hoping we can recover my buddies bike.
  12. All, My friends 2010 Honda CRF250R was stolen from a locked trailer last night in Raleigh, NC. In case graphics are peeled off, some notables about the bike: Dust covers on the forks Rear fender is newer looking compared to the rest of the plastics The clutch cover has been JB welded where the clutch spindle goes into the case (fixed a hole due to a rock) Non-OEM footpegs Please contact John Snow with any information regarding the whereabouts of his bike 919-995-9916 jrsnow287@gmail.com If you are able and have other means of passing this along (via Facebook etc.) please do! Thank you!
  13. volcomrr

    Best way to clean air filter?

    No-toil air filter oil & No-toil air filter cleaner, quickest and easiest method I've ever tried. Biodegradable, no fumes, and no wasted gas.