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    If I ride my TTR 250 in the desert only, can I remoive the airb box and install a direct mount K&N air filter? thanks for any advice. I want to increase HP and reduce maintenance needs.
  2. I need help. I am running a stock TTR 250 at altitude in a desert environement. What would be a safe Main jet size to have it run a bit leaner without any risk of overheating. The altitude ranges between 2500 and 4000 Feet. Thanks for any advice.
  3. tiout

    Sahara Ride

    Mr. Yamaha was with us on this trip. Jean Claude Olivier (Yamaha CEO) came 2nd in the Paris-Dakar in the early 90's and is the heart and soul of desert/african racing in Europe and Japan.
  4. Just got back from a ride in the Sahara on a WR 450. It was the best ride in my life. (I have almost done it all....)Looking for riders who would want to go in February. the ride is sold through http://www.admo-tours.com/ Franck tiout2001@yahoo.com
  5. Yes it is me. It is easy when you have beautiful clean sand dunes. there are more pictures at: www.YamahaTassiliAdventure.com
  6. tiout

    TTR 250 K&N Air Filter

    The TTRs are very reliable. But riding them 7 hours/day in the sand for 9 months almost non-stop requires cleaning the filters and the filter box. That it waht I am trying to optimize. We have sand stop in the intake and also made lateral openning with sand stop to reduce the depression which helps suck the air in.
  7. tiout

    TTR 250 K&N Air Filter

    Ultimatley it is getting in. the bikes run everyday... You don't think the K&N air filters would work?
  8. These trips are sold in the US now: http://www.admo-tours.com/motorcycle/tours/africa/sahara/tassili.htm
  9. tiout

    TTR 250 K&N Air Filter

    I need an expert opinion I have a fleet of TTRs running in the desert in sandy areas. I have tried many things to ensure sand does not get in. I am thinking of removing the air filter box and putting K&N air filters. The thinking is that this way no sand will accumulate like in the air filter box...., and since the wheather is always dry, it should remove the maintenance factor. Any advice would be welcome.
  10. tiout

    post pictures of your rides

    Great shots in the snow. Here is some more warmth:
  11. tiout

    post pictures of your rides

    Highest dune climbed with the 450.....
  12. Highest dune climbed with the 450.....
  13. tiout

    Enduro gloves

    Who can recommended the best enduro gloves, with good protection against blisters and impacts? Thanks for your feedback
  14. The ride in the Sahara is now sold in the US. They have an enlish section on their website at: www.YamahaTassiliAdventure.com
  15. tiout

    WR450F 2-trac Paris Dakar

    A Yamaha boy won the Dakar: Stephane Peterhansel He is often considered as one of the most talented motorcycle rider of his time. He started as a skateboard champ in France....