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  1. GPK

    2001 Yz426

    I had an 01 426, bought it used, rode and raced the crap out of it. NO PROBLEMS. upgraded to the 03 EX. cam and re-jetted. Lots of fun. It was my first 4-stroke. now i ride a 06 yz450f. it is better, but nothing is wrong with the 426.
  2. GPK

    Broken ribs

    Three ribs (left), Punctured lung, Dislocated right shoulder, some internal bleeding. MORPHINE
  3. GPK

    Is Chad Reed a Whiny B. Poll????

    My vote is NO!
  4. I was going to ride pozo on sunday. Anybody interested in hooking up?? I park on "Red Hill road"
  5. GPK

    Where is everyone from (Im new on here)

    I'm from Paso Robles. Do you race at the Tulare cycle park??
  6. GPK

    01 YZ426F

    My riding conditions are similar to yours. Sea level - 2,000' temp is a little warmer. The carb is stock except for the 170 main and BK mod. I have ran race gas and pump gas. Starts and runs every time, no popping or hesitation. I would have to agree about not running the AV gas in your scoot, i had a friend try it and had nothing but problems. Just completed the Power Now mod- worth the effort. Hope this helps.
  7. GPK

    Drill your powernow

    Drilled mine, that metal was tough to go through, plus with my K-mart drill bits, did'nt make it any easier. For the little bit of riding around (still mending a broken leg) it seemed to have quite a bit more tourqe down low, it almost spit me off. For the money and time invested it was definitely worth it. my $.02
  8. GPK

    YZ 450 cam mod-please read

    Well, I finally got the cam in. and holy crap, it works! I ordered the cam from a local dealer ($130.00) it came in on 01-15-04 He let me take home his shim kit. It took about an hour to do the mod. It took forever to get it started, about three kicks lol. It was too dark to go riding, so i was going to go on friday 01-16-04. Before i went riding (I took off of work early) i stopped by my buddies shop. He insisted that i ride his "EXTREME 107" (mini dirt bike) just goofing around, and before i knew it the little bastard bike spit me off and i went boom. Three fractures in my right ankle/leg and severed the ligements. Awaiting surgery now. If i'm lucky i'll be able to ride by MAY. My buddy said the mod was worth the effort, since he's the only one able to ride. Thanks everybody for the info, everything went together as stated in the forum.
  9. GPK

    YZ 450 cam mod-please read

    Satch; I ordered the OEM
  10. GPK

    YZ 450 cam mod-please read

    I finally got off my ass and ordered the cam friday. Hopefully i'll have it by mid week. You guys better be around if i run into any problems. lol I'll let you know what happens.
  11. GPK

    01 WR 426 5th gear

    I have an '01 yz 426. Same freaking thing happened to me. The gears themselves were fine, but the dogs were rounded and a bent fork. I could'nt find any aftermarket stuff, so the OEM went back in. If you happen to find any, please let me know. Thanks
  12. GPK

    Where to buy 450 cam

    Thanks for the info. I'll try that route and see what happens.
  13. GPK

    Where to buy 450 cam

    Same price i got also. waz up wit dat--yo
  14. GPK

    need a riding buddy

    I live in Paso Robles, and love going to pozo. I had a buddy take me up "Howards by-pass", that trail sucks. It took me an hour to pull my draws out of my a$$. I park on "Red Hill rd.", off of 58. If you go riding send me an e-mail, and we could hook up. Also, if you want to start racing, we do alot of "TT" and "Flattrack", going to start motocross soon.