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  1. Randall

    Fork Oil level 2009 KTM 300 XC

    I believe 385 is for the sx models 365 would be for the xc.Depending on what you are doing you may consider less.
  2. Randall

    FMF vs. Pro Circuit

    Get the Enduro engineering you wont be sorry.
  3. Randall

    2007 KTM XC-W Is Painfully Slow. Jetting Help

    Do not turn power valve adjuster all the way out. This worked on the older ones but for 06-07 250 if you are looking for the best settings go with the red power valve spring and turn the screw back in clockwise from all the way out about 2 revolutions. The FMF gnarly pipe will definitely give it a big hit right off the bottom and still revs good too.
  4. Throw that K&N as far as you can. It amazes me that no one has had them in court for a new engine. They suck dirt like a screen door. Everyone that I know that has used the No-Toil system swears by it but I havent tried it yet. For me its a Twin Air, thoroughly saturated inside & out with Bel-Ray filter oil.
  5. Trying to get a 98 400 YZ running here. I was just wondering as 10 years has rolled by what kind of mods can I do to the carb to make it start good and throttle good without doing the cough & stall .. if any at all. I've heard mentioned of the BK mod but not exactly sure whats involved in doing it. Also, does this bike respond good to the JD kit? Surely somebody out there had one of these & had it running good and maybe would like to help. Thanks in advance, Randall
  6. Randall


    98 YZ 400 - would like to check the valve clearances in the morning but not familiar with Yamaha 4strokes yet. Bring it around on top dead center on compression stroke? and what kind of clearances am I looking for intake and exhaust? Thanks alot, Randall
  7. Working on a 98 400YZ that had no kickstart return. Removed side case and found alot of scrapes and scars in the aluminum including one hole all the way through the center case which had been repaired with JB weld from a previous problem. Now it seems we have the same problem. I guess the question is ... is this a chronic problem on the early 4strokes? We looked up the parts and Yamaha does not make available the actual ratchet paw that I need. You must buy the whole entire kickstart mechanism just to get this one piece. ($142) Anybody else out there had these kind of problems and can shed some light on it I would appreciate it. Randall
  8. Randall

    race tech or moto pro

    A guy like you should buy both. That way through trial and error, disassembly and reassembly, you can figure out which way you need to lean on their charts. One of them has valving specs that are off for East Coast rocks & roots. After several attempts you should see which way you need to go. The other company is off slightly on fork spring rate. If you are in good with a dealer, you should be able to get them for $75-80 a pair. After you been through all this you will probably get brave enough to valve your stock piston & realize that "hey, you can do it". Keep one thing in mind though, both of these companies use a (checkplate) theory. That is, they use the base valve as 100% of the tuning and completely eliminate the mid valve as a tuning variable. One reason for this is because it can get much more complicated depending on what part of the world the fork is coming from. You can figure it out on your own by testing disassembly & reassembly. Also, dont forget what are you tuning for? Are we dealing with soft sand rollers or hard red baked clay with 12in braking bumps. Is the guy 17 yrs old and wide open, standing up leaning over the number plate or is he a senior aged lump sitting near the rear of the seat. Keep testing, you will figure it out.
  9. Randall

    What she worth???

    I'm considering selling my 03 400S but dont really know what kind of price to put on it. It's been modified for offroad. It has the E-cams, E exhaust & the E base gasket. It has the 3x3 mod & jetting. It has a skid plate and Baja designs ignition and clutch cover guards. Also, it has Flatland radiator guards. It currently has 3700 miles on it. What do ya think???
  10. Randall

    KTM dealer in Ohio

    kirk knows is stuff!! A very honist straitfoward type of person! ps. tell em randall sent ya.
  11. Randall

    Suzuki payout ?

    They tell me they want be using Ecount any longer so what kind of card was it? Visa? Will it swipe anywhere? Thanks, Randall
  12. Randall

    Suzuki payout ?

    Got 4000.00 last year. they owe me 1650.00 now. vchss.org 250A
  13. Has anyone received their card for 06 yet? If so, have they paid to the account?? Just curious. I have received nothing yet!! Randall
  14. Randall

    PDS reservoir cap removal

    Ok thanks for the reply. I called MotoPro and he said to squeeze the bottom of the reservoir in a vice and crack it loose before trying to loosen it. I will try it next time???
  15. Removing these caps with the green locktight,that is poured all over them from the factory, is beginning to make my life miserable! 06 models seem to be much worse. I have a well made tool that I connect to an air rachet. I have been using a torch to heat up the bottom of the reservoir and even tap on it with a hammer to break it loose but sometimes the aluminum threads from the cap embed in the reservoir ruining the parts. I am dying for someone to tell me they have a better way??? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.