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  1. cmc100

    What engine is this?

    The pipe does not go with this motor, it appears to be a 96-02 HONDA cr 80 motor.
  2. cmc100

    Place in Lebanon?

    It's called rock hill, but it's really peterson butte off rockhill road. call granprix cycles or g&g cycle in albany gary beyer at granprix, gary forester at g&g.
  3. cmc100

    cr head light

    Acerbis makes a headlight that replaces your stator cover. with one that has a magnito in it and a wire to the light
  4. cmc100

    cr 80 topend

    Thanks guy"s tore it apart and alined the ring up with the pin. the cylinder will have to stay like it is, he should get a few more laps around the house. mabe my lazy brother will get off his rear and buy the kid a REAL bike before this one blows AGAIN
  5. cmc100

    cr 80 topend

    put a topend in my nephew's 99 cr 80 haven"t torqued it down yet. but was wondering. the ciylinder has two small gouge marks from the ring on the old piston. i sanded the cylinder but did not have it machined. i was wondering if the ring on the new piston will move around to the groove marks or will it stay in the installed location? the bike is just a rat bike that i dont want to put a load of money into. just wondering if i can getaway without maching the cylinder or not?
  6. cmc100

    wr-yz tank conversion

    How does the sub frame have anything to do with the tank matching the radiators or the frame mounting bolts? maybe the seat mounting bolts, but ??????
  7. I have a02 wr250 and have a friend with a 04 yz250f, he has a full plastic set plus tank and seat for sale ( never used) will the tank fit my bike? or just the 01-02 models. thanks.
  8. cmc100

    Is this movement normal? (CR85R caliper)

    The caliper has a cast flange that slides into a groove on the swing arm, a little free play is normal, depending on how much wear the part has. can't tell from the vid,but does seem to have too much. pull the wheel off and look for damage to the flange or groove.
  9. cmc100

    Bend to Roseburg on Dirt...Can it be done?

    how about the discovery route and then cut over to roseburg? www.oohva.org click on the backcountry discovery link.
  10. cmc100

    br10eg or br8es?

    BR8E have ran that plug for four years on two different cr 80's. that guy is full of #$%^
  11. cmc100

    Cr125 Gas tank?

    ims and clarke both make tanks for your bike
  12. cmc100

    range of cr 80

    Your bike was made for racing. and so the tank is 1.5 gal. riding like a sissy is no fun! what we did for the same bike was buy a ims desert tank. you can find them on e-bay once in a while. they hold 2.5 gal. and you wont have to worry again. OR you can ride REAL REAL S L O W. good luck.
  13. cmc100

    Cr125 Gas tank?

  14. cmc100

    cr 125

    mine only has model and year on the stem no vin. there is anumber on the case below the ignition cover. one stamped on the case and one on a metal tag below it.
  15. cmc100

    HELP.... Unknown clutch problem...!!!

    is the tab that the cable connects to on the engine case bent? cable broke, perch broke. way out of adjustment, full of oil? i wouldn't think a crash can affect the clutch except for a hard direct hit on the clutch cover. good luck sounds like something simple.