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  1. I have a 08 as well. Great off road machine. My set up is full dr d pipe. 9oz gytr flywheel. and the rekluse exp core. I didn't like the z start pro makes it kinda feel like a mo ped. Its def not the fastest bike out there but the mellow power band makes it good in the burly stuff and or wet rooty rocks ect. great bike. I keep thinking about getting a new 010 but just donno if it would live up to my 08.
  2. grice

    09' vs. 10' 250

    take the deal I don't think they changed much. 2011 suppose to be the year for big changes.
  3. grice

    Am I making the right decision?

    Well I found a good deal on a 08 ktm 250xc. had 1 long day of riding it and loved it. the motor is so awsome on the thing. I have never riden a ktm with suspension i have liked either but this on feels amazing was done by dicks I believe. Got my Rekluse exp core going in tomorrow dry break tank on and she will be dialed for the Natinal at clear creek this weekend. man it feels good to be on a 2 stk again.
  4. grice

    fedup with flat tires

    I have ran bibs and the tubliss. the tubliss was great when it was working but it failed me a couple times in races so I switched to bibs. Its not to bad when the neutech goes flat as long as the tube on the inside holding the tire bead in place doesnt go flat its still ridable and feels pretty normal. Bibs have never failed. If you don't want to spend the cash yet try greasing the inside of your tire before placing the tube in it, i did it for awhile and never got a flat:) my 2 cents.
  5. grice

    Am I making the right decision?

    I am on the same boat. I have been racing harescrambles for some time use to have a yz 250 but have been racing yz450f for a while now, which I like. But I like to ride tight tech burly type stuff. Was really wanting a 09 250 xc ktm after I rode one. E start was nice and that thing lugs down so low its crazy. But now after shopping for one the prices are insane so I am concidering another yz 250. Wish I woulda kept my 06 I practically gave it away.
  6. grice


    so they have some in section 141 is that section ok. I don't want to be behind the jumbo tron or anything lame. but they come out to 17$ each after fees so still a good deal.
  7. grice

    08 yz 450 f Advice

    They bike is awsome stock. I have Rekluse exp core, enzo susp, Dr. D pipe, Dr. D radiator lowering kit. Skid plate and hand gaurds, 18" rear wheel. TM chain guide, thing is awsome. Waiting on my flywheel weight.
  8. grice

    2008 250sxf

    run evans coolant its the bomb, or zip ty fluid but its the same stuff just marked up, boiling point is 400degrees so it doesn't boil out near as easy. I have never boiled my bikes over since i started using it.
  9. grice

    Hotcams(advice please)

    I have both stage 1 in my wr with a dr d exhaust and it rips and still loves to be reved to the moon. I found both cams on ebay for 220$ I would recomend it but I ride tight tech knar knar more than anything on my wr so donno whay you guys are riding
  10. grice

    Any problems on the 09'?

    3 months down now it runs like a champ all over a fuel pump that cost a grip. I recomend keepin the gas clean and dirt free which makes it difficult if you race off road primarily
  11. I am kinda in the same boat. I have a WR250f with stg 1 cams dr d exhaust and all the free mods. bike rips and i love it. I am a A class harescramble racer and just concidering getting a 2nd bike yz250f for a race bike, stock it is 30lbs lighter than the WR. Seems like it would make a big diff, although i don't really get tired on my WR but my brain is always turning to try and get a edge on the comp:) I love how my bike revs out, does your bike with the big bore kit still rev out like the stock bore did. thanks
  12. grice

    Any problems on the 09'?

    been waiting on fuel pump for mine for months now, frustraiting.
  13. grice

    Help need to find 09 fuel pump

    still outta comishion waiting on fuel pump should be avail first week in july, amazing
  14. grice

    Help need to find 09 fuel pump

    tried the cycle parts warehouse and no luck. Just doesn't seem to be a item that anyone stocks on there shelf. Not sure if they are back ordered from honda because honda hasn't made any other than the ones in bikes or if they are back ordered because a lot of people needed them.
  15. grice

    Help need to find 09 fuel pump

    I would be so stoked if your company had one. I would be forever indebted to you.