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  1. Time Left: 13 days and 14 hours

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    One Pair-661 MX-1 Knee Braces—sz L—FREE JT Knee Brace Socks SixSixOne. Condition is Pre-owned. 661 carry bag and JT Racing knee brace socks included, the socks are used and freshly washed. Velcro closure which still holds. Knee braces are not bent and in very good shape. Hinges move freely. $60.00 shipped OBO. PayPal only. US shipping address only. If making an offer please keep in mind when making an offer that shipping will be approximately $10.00-$30.00 depending on location.


    , Indiana

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    2016 Honda CRF250R OEM Exhaust Header Head Pipe. Condition is Used. Only on bike for approx. 5 hours, still like brand new. NO dents, dings or damage. Just has some dirt on it from front tire. Guard is intact and has no damage. HONDA OEM part number 18320-KRN-B10. OEM price over $150 Fits 2014-2017


    , Indiana

  3. redrider_714

    Needle and clip position

    So I've been reading a lot lately about jetting the CRF250R and had a question. What is the difference between the needles? I see some people using the stock needle and some changing it out for different ones. Is one better than the other? If so what mods determine what needle to change to or is it all trial and error? Also when moving the clip do you count from the top or bottom? For example if it says put clip on 3rd spot is that from the top or bottom? Thanks.
  4. redrider_714

    2006 CRF250R hard start issue

    Thank you.
  5. redrider_714

    2006 CRF250R hard start issue

    I know this subject has been formed to death but figured I'd ask my version of it. I recently installed a Cylinder Works 256cc big bore kit, everything was done at TDC as I checked and rechecked each time I completed and installation step. Having just checked the clearances, which were in spec intake was .005 and exhaust was .009, I assumed that starting would be easier. I still have to kick it numerous times for it to fire. I know that a valve job is due this winter but I have one race left for the season and wanted to do the job over the winter so I'm not rushed to get it done. It fired the first time after kicking with Hot Start on, choke on, choke off, Hot Start off, a few blips of the throttle, etc. When it did fire I had the throttle over half open and choke on rode it for about 20 minutes around the yard, nothing crazy just easy laps, shut it off and tried again. Went through the process again with the same result, throttle open and choke on. I am planning on doing a carb clan this week as well as replacing jets, they are stock as they were never changed from the previous owner, my brother-in-law. I am aware of all mods he did as well as his problems. Long story short would the carb clean and jets help with my issue for my last race this year? Am I missing a "trick" starting procedure that I have not read on the board? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. redrider_714

    Magnum Big Bore Kit 2006 CRF250R

    Does anybody have any experience with these cylinders? It says that no case machining is needed. Wondering if that was true and if anybody knows anything about this company. http://magnumridersupport-com.3dcartstores.com/Honda-CRF250R-Big-Bore-Cylinder-_p_504.html I tried contacting them but have yet to get a response.
  7. redrider_714

    2006 crf250r Cylinder Works Big Bore Kit

    Everything I have read also says the 270 requires case modifications. Would the Cylinder Works 256 kit be worth it? Any noticeable gain over stock or should I stick with stock displacement and spend money elsewhere?
  8. I am in need of a top end rebuild and was looking at getting Cylinder Works 270cc Big Bore Kit. Is this simply a bolt on replacement or is there more work envolver? It is worth it or should I just use a replacement stock piston? I ride MX and am a vet +35B rider if that helps. Thanks.
  9. redrider_714

    06 CRF250R w/ 50 hrs opinions needed

    I can verify that it has 50 hours on it. It belonged to a friend and was with him when he put the hour meter on when he got it home from the dealership. He usually only ride it around the yard and had it on a track a few times. As far as maint. records go he hasn't had anything done to it, just an aftermarket pipe. Guess I should have added that in my first post. Thanks for the info though.
  10. redrider_714

    06 CRF250R w/ 50 hrs opinions needed

    I just purchased a 2006 CRF250R with approx 50 hrs on it and was wondering what would be good to replace this winter for next season. I know it has had oil changes approx every 15 hrs. Where would a good place be to start. Piston? Valves? Top end rebuild? Bottom end? Any help or opinions welcomed.