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    Williams, AZ

    1. Good question , it was the closest campground to the Grand Canyon that had reservations. Enough said! 2. I have a CRF450 and I usually ride in the desert here in California but I'm good for any type of riding. I will probably only be able to sneak out for a half-day due to the whole family vacation thing... Thanks for the replies...
  2. scott73

    Williams, AZ

    I will be vacationing in Williams, AZ in a few weeks and was wondering if anyone knew of any riding areas close? Just want to know if it's worth the effort to bring the bikes. Thanks!
  3. I'll be in the area on late Sat afternoon with some buddies as well. Definitely like to know about the "Taco Ride". We'll be camping at the last little turn out (little hill climbs) before the paved road ends. There should be (2) white chevy trucks and toyhaulers with only (1) thumper in the group (Mine). Hope to see you out there.
  4. scott73


    The only area that is closed is the areas north of the 178 freeway. If you stay south of the 178 you'll be fine. The area by Mesa Marin is still open and it has been covered on the news as an approved area for OHV. YES! The manmade jumps are still by the oil tank and there are some kids out there doing some sick airs. If you head further east across Commanche there are some decent hillclimbs as well. I've been out to this area for the last 3-4 weekends and there have been no issues with the police not to mention a ton of people riding, especially families. As long as everyone abides by the rules, keeps the sound down and cleans up we should be good to go for a few more years.
  5. scott73

    I need a riding buddy

    What kind of terrain and level of riding are we talking about.
  6. scott73

    Jaw Bone / Dove Springs 3/20-21

    I'll be there on Saturday. We'll be past the 2nd Water Pipe on the north side of the road. My buddy has a RageN' Toy Hauler and White Chevy. I'll be in White Chevy as well. We'll try and hook up
  7. scott73

    MX Style Hand Guards

    I guess I'll update this myself. I talked to the guys at Cycra today and it turns out that they don't even make an 04 hand guard yet. The ones that I received were for the 02-03 and the clutch bolt was about a 1/4" to 1/2" too short. Looks like I'll have to find a bolt at the local hardware store to fit.
  8. scott73

    MX Style Hand Guards

    Any updates on the Cycra handguards for '04? I just received mine and it looks like the dust boots will have to come off in order to fit right? Does anyone else have any experiences with these?