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  1. SilverBulletCSVT

    Craigslist flakes?

    Don't list a phone number or an email address. Use Craigs List relay messaging. I state clearly to message me with your name and phone number. I return all inquiries even if sold so nobody is left hanging. No phone number, no return message in most cases. Messages with stupid questions and obvious scammers are ignored. They get my phone number only after I've deemed them as legit and I call them. I screen out >95% of the scammers and phishers this way.
  2. SilverBulletCSVT

    2002 KTM 200 MXC

    Bike is running lean, go higher on your main jet. Second thought look at your main jet first as it could be partially blocked. Since you just bought the bike it could have sat for a long time. For scenerio above if your bike cuts out instead of speeding up then it's too rich and you went too big on the main jet. Somewhere in between is the sweet spot and bike does neither, only revs/speeds down when the throttle is chopped. _
  3. SilverBulletCSVT

    Magura clutch bleeding

    Install one. Replace your banjo bolt with a new one that incorporates a bleeder valve. _
  4. SilverBulletCSVT

    Magura clutch bleeding

    Easy one person operation. Remove master cylinder cover. Using syringe, draw out all oil from master cylinder but keeping line opening at bottom covered. Use short ~3 inch length (not 3 foot as previously stated) of tubing attached to syringe. Syringe does not need to be large, you only want to fill syringe with ~30ml of oil. After filling syringe, hold syringe upright and push plunger in slightly to get any air out of tubing (just like a nurse does with a hypodermic). Then quickly attach tubing to bleeder nipple. Put your wrench on bleeder screw and open valve slowing while putting slight pressure on the syringe at the same time. You will be able to feel when the bleeder valve opens if have pressure on the syringe. Then stop turning bleeder and increase pressure on the syringe plunger. You will then hear a splurt in the master cylinder when air is pushed through. Keeping pushing oil up (if you only put 30 ml in syringe you will not overfill) and tighten bleeder screw while pushing and before oil in syringe gone. Check clutch lever, top off master cylinder and reinstall cover. Done After you've done this one time the complete process will take you only 2 minutes. I had a leaking clutch actuator and was doing this once or twice daily on long rides. I could bleed my clutch from start to finish in the same time it took for the other bikes to fill up with gas.
  5. SilverBulletCSVT

    The Big 4

    But many off road riding places you'll find almost as many people riding MX bikes as off road or Dual Sport bikes. So with that in mind all of the Big 4 still make and sell plenty of off road bikes. Even for KTM who offers more off road bike flavors than anyone else I still see a good percentage of their SX motocross bikes out on the trails.
  6. SilverBulletCSVT

    ordered my 2013 Husky TR650 Terra

    That's your special price or MSRP? _
  7. SilverBulletCSVT

    ordered my 2013 Husky TR650 Terra

    So you put a down payment on a bike and you don't even know the sales price yet? I hope it was a deposit only and you can back out later if price comes up too high. Nice bike though for what it's designed for. Everybody seems to forget that and compares it to the 610/630 which it isn't. It is a KLR killer. I sure hope Husky prices it right (low 7's or better), if they do it will be a good seller. More KLR650's are sold every year than practically all other dual sports added together. That is a big market, even a small slice will be make a winner for Husky.
  8. SilverBulletCSVT

    What pre mix oil are you using and why?

    Very valid reason. I would probably be using Amsoil but found availability to be an issue. Nowhere near can I walk into a shop on Sunday and buy a quart. Once jetting is dialed in for an oil ratio I don't want to revisit. Sometimes changing oil forces you to change ratio and effects jetting. Motul is reasonable priced in bulk at RMATV and in a pinch I can always pick up a liter any day of the week locally. I don't like to switch around with different oils either, once I start using a product I stick with it unless a problem arises.
  9. SilverBulletCSVT


    He would just drop his gas containers by helicopter instead instead of by truck, hahaha. Just buy a Safari tank Chris and you would have only needed to fuel up twice on the road for that entire trip. Expensive yes but oh so convenient. _
  10. SilverBulletCSVT

    husqvarna 610

    SM model? check the tip over sensor. TE model? check the tip over sensor plug. They've been known to become dirty and lose contact. However now that I think about it this sensor might only cut power to the fuel pump so you should still have spark?? _
  11. SilverBulletCSVT


    I agree but apparently their email goes into a black hole so won't do any good. I've emailed them twice over the last 5 months and not a single acknowledgement or reply. I resent one email as a follow up and still no word back. _
  12. SilverBulletCSVT


    I agree. I think Dezert Husqvarna is actually a Husky NA person and came here trying to smooth over the decision made to let Uptite go. Of course we know the truth and nobody can convince us otherwise. We don't care about Husqvarna shareholders and making them a profit. We care about our bikes and love riding. George was all about the bike and the ride. Great big loss for us, and great big boner by HNA. Like when Coca Cola tried to replace Classic Coke with the New Coke. I hope they realize it before it's too late and George can be brought back just as quickly. _
  13. SilverBulletCSVT

    Have you ever seen one of these?

    So only expensive just because so few were made? Or something special about them making them better than the standard bikes made then and since? _
  14. SilverBulletCSVT

    250/300 Direct Injection 2-Stokes!

    Gimme this 800cc 165hp Rotax motor as is in a street bike now. Would be a blast yee haw!! _
  15. SilverBulletCSVT

    60-1 ratio, really?

    Does the current day Klotz still smell the same as the original Klotz from the 70's. Dang I loved that smell. If I smelled it today would probably go into a flashback trance. _