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  1. JustTroItIn

    From $16.50 to $36.25!? &%$#@!

    You make an excellent point. I withdraw my earlier statement that I would have been ok with a gradual increase.
  2. JustTroItIn

    From $16.50 to $36.25!? &%$#@!

    I suspect it will do nothing more than put more DNR in the woods to harrass us while we ride. Especially this year being the first year of the increase I bet everyone they see will be stopped and checked to make sure they have thier sticker. I see how these officials "Conserve" the woods. Just look at some sections of the old Gladwin trail system. They just tore up the ground over the old trails to keep people from riding them. How the hell is that conservation!? I wouldn't be complaining if it was a plan to slowly move to this price over say the next ten years, but to more than double the price is just ripping us all off. We're not the only group to get hit either. Fisherman and hunters are also seeing large increases this year. Expect to see a lot more DNR out this year. Edit: One thing I forgot to mention, it was not too long ago there was a surplus in the coffers that the ORV tax goes into.
  3. JustTroItIn

    Michigan From $16.50 to $36.25!? &%$#@!

    The new ORV sticker prices are insane. This hobby is expensive enough as it is and now it's going to cost over $100 just to get all the bikes legal so I can ride with my kids. No thanks to the CCC either, who are supposed to be an organization for the riders. I'm a former member but will never give them a dime of my cash again for supporting this BS. I really think this is going to do two things. 1. Less people will ride. 2. Many that do won't bother to pay their inflated tax and will ride without a sticker. I guess the third thing that will most likely happen is more people will run from the DNR, just because they don't have a sticker.
  4. JustTroItIn

    Tire size question

    Thanks all. I really appreciate the advice!
  5. JustTroItIn

    Tire size question

    I'm a reletive dirt noob (just under 2 seasons) but have ridden street for 17 years. I have an 05 Gas Gas ec250. Stock rear tire on my bike is 140/80-18. Tire selection is this size is rather limited. I have a friend who has ridden in the dirt for many years. He's telling me to put a 120/80-18 on the rear. In the street bike world it is generally not a great idea to muck with the width of your tire, though most cases are when you're going to a larger width. Are there any concerns with running a 120/80 on my rim? FYI, all of my riding is trails in Michigan with mostly sand.
  6. JustTroItIn

    98 200 - educate me

    I'm going to look at a 98 200 today. Guy is asking around $1000. Anything I should know about this bike before considering the purchase? How about the price? I will be using the bike for trail riding. Thanks all!
  7. JustTroItIn

    JR50 Head Torque

    So, no one, eh!? Guess I'll find a happy medium and do 11lbs.
  8. JustTroItIn

    JR50 Head Torque

    Picked up a 94 JR50 for my boy. I have tried searching online for the head torque specs and have seen figures posted ranging from 6lbs to 25lbs. Suzuki wants $60 for a shop manual they would have to order. Seems a little overkill for such a simple machine. Anyone know the correct spec?
  9. JustTroItIn

    '93 350 WXC - head damage... is it worth fixing?

    I am currently rebuilding my 350 from an identical failure. In hind sight, I kind of wish I would have just sold it and bought a new bike. Too much money invested in the repair now though. After head repair including new seats/guides, new piston, new valves, new valve springs, etc. I'm easily into this repair for a grand. On the up side, these parts are available. Only part I am having a hard time getting my hands on is a new timing chain. My 350 is not stock and that has also contributed to some of my pain.
  10. JustTroItIn

    what do you all make of this helmet?

    Mind you, this is coming from a street not dirt perspective, but I used to feel the same way you do about Arai until I actually wore one. There is no comparison between the comfort of an Arai and that of an HJC or KBC. I personally prefer them even over Shoei, which are also pricey lids. If you ride a lot, the Arai is well worth the money. I personally will never buy another cheap helmet.
  11. JustTroItIn

    what do you all make of this helmet?

    I have an Arai XD. Great street helmet, but it can get rather hot when using out on the trails.
  12. JustTroItIn

    Lets see some fine italian art!

    My 93 and my old beater truck, Betsy. Time for a break.
  13. JustTroItIn

    92 Husky 610... should I put her out to pasture???

    I have recently been throwing a bunch of money at my 93...so in defense of my own purchases, I say keep it.
  14. JustTroItIn

    Time for some advice

    The head has been heavily ported. I'm running 32.51mm Intake valves and 30mm Exhaust valves. In addition, I'm also using the 40phm carb that came on the 610. I'm not sure if my cam is stock. As far as the actual displacement is concerned, you may be correct. As I said, it was a PO that actually performed the mod. When I purchased the bike I received all the receipts that had to do with the upgrade and a copy of Dirt Bike magazine from 1993 that had an article on the kit. The article in the magazine stated it was 481cc. It doesn't surprise me that this is not exactly accurate as I have found other discrepancies in the article. I would post a copy of the article as it is a good read, but I'm not sure that would be legal (copyrights).
  15. JustTroItIn

    Time for some advice

    Thanks, George. At least I have an idea of the depth I'm shooting for when I get the piston cut. Is it safe to assume since I had .030 removed from the piston to just have .030 added to the depth of the exhaust valve pockets? In theory, this should give me .050 clearance.